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November 27, 2009

Big Cheney, Little Joe

Biden NYT Mag.jpg
As compared to Cheney, this NYT Mag photo of a distant and unplugged Biden besides a lonely and indistinct Iraq map makes the dour-looking Joe, and the Administration by association, look mostly missionless and emasculated.
(Taryn Simon for the NYT Magazine)
  • pcalvin

    A case of style over content?

  • [email protected]

    …. or perhaps, more accessible? “Come talk to me.”
    And/or… because he is sitting on a trunk and the map of Iraq… this is all that is left. Cleaned out. Start over.

  • sherry

    those empty outlets
    are really disturbing me
    what’s that all about?

  • matthew_frederick

    i read this pic in a similar fashion to tardigrades. i see a lack of ostentation, direct and transparent.

  • bigbalagan

    One thing I read right away is the “bleeding” of the color of the map into the whole wall—like, we tried to put a border around it but it’s spread to the whole wall/room/region…

  • Blue Shark

    It is what it is…
    …A hell of a mess that was there when the new tenants moved in.
    …I quite like it.
    …This new crew can stop the madness any day they choose. Lets hope they choose soon.

  • CF2K

    “We can fix this.”

  • gmoke

    Beige on beige.

  • DennisQ

    After Cheney, Joe Biden could be the second most powerful vice-president in history
    Was Joe Biden offered the job of Secretary of State? It seems to be a closer fit to his interests. Maybe Obama was afraid that the talkative Biden would complicate matters of state. While visiting India, Biden famously remarked about all the Indians who run Seven Eleven’s in Wilmington.
    The picture is misleading. Biden’s not sitting by his lonesome looking for something to keep him occupied. And if he is, what did he expect? The vice president is hardly ever the go-to guy on anything. Cheney’s strength came from Bush’s weakness. If Bush had been as hands-on as Obama, we would hardly even notice his vice president.

  • yg

    can you believe evan bayh was considered for vp pick? [shudder]
    something about the image reminds me of a “break glass in case of emergency” utilitarian quality.
    why does cheney’s name have to be bigger? before the bush era, it was gore who had been acclaimed as the vice president who had carried the most responsibilities and duties. believable considered how famously undisciplined clinton was.
    despite all of his foreign policy cred, biden was flat wrong on georgia. it wasn’t russia who fired the first shot.
    biden admitted in a recent interview that health care wasn’t his strength. [gasp] uh, shouldn’t you bone up on it then?
    he’s better when discussing the economy. on TDS he talked about how stimulus money has gone to build rural & urban health clinics, windmills and transmission lines. as he was saying this, i pictured the campaign commercials filming all the projects stim money has built. visuals of things accomplished will help us alot during the midterms

  • Books Alive

    While visiting India, Biden famously remarked about all the Indians who run Seven Eleven’s in Wilmington.
    The remark that made the news 3 years ago was when Biden was on the campaign trail in Manchester, NH.

  • Books Alive

    Video did not transfer, sorry. There are several at this link.

  • doranb

    Cropped tighter, it could have backed up the “second-most-powerful VP” message. Instead all the negative space and beige colors just emphasize how overly powerful Cheney was, and may still be.

  • Kit (Keep It Trill)

    I think your assessment of the photo hit the bulls-eye.

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