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November 1, 2009

1600 Treats

Obama Halloween 09.jpg

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I’m probably never going to overturn my reputation as a cynic, but I do love Halloween.

As a member of the “Adbuster” wing of the Democratic party, I’m always going to be tough on Obama over the war/s and the one-party system. And, because BAG is about reading visual spin, for as long and as well as the Administration does it, I’ll be teasing it apart.

All that said, however, I really admire the Obamas. I think BHO is smart; healthy in all kinds of ways; confident, as opposed to arrogant; a risk taker right when you’ve convinced yourself he’s terminally cautious; a quick study; competitive in a “bring out the best” kind of way; yes, profoundly responsible; refreshingly self-effacing; and fun to watch for the opposite of Bush’s deadly predictability.

I like these photos because Obama does not seem to channel any of the background’s scariness or goofiness. If anything, he seems to reflect the children’s innocence and youthfulness. (The man really can relax, especially when his wife’s around). And Michelle? Well, could you imagine Laura Bush doing Cat Woman?

(photo 1: Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images. photo 2: Jewel Samad/APF/Getty Image. October 31, 2009.)

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