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October 5, 2009

Your Turn: Here Come The FOXes

XMichele Bachmann_slideshow_604x500.jpg<XMichelle Malkin_slideshow_604x500.jpg

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Sorry for the impertinence, but the reader who sent this to me titled the email: “Coming soon to your son’s socks drawer.”

I was interested in your take on the line up, layout and presentation (love the stamps, by the way!) of this feature on the Fox website: the ‘Great American Conservative Woman’ Calendar.

If you click through, by the way, you’ll see my other favorite sweetie.

XPhyllis Schlafly_slideshow_604x500.jpg
(h/t: KH)
(images: still looking)
  • bystander

    Looks like someone cleaned up the anchor baby’s strabismus a bit for this photo shoot. Of course, I suspect a lot of air brushing was done on Ms. Schlafly if this is any reasonable comparison. That’s the thing about this stuff that finds its way into a son’s sock drawer. Often it is no more real than their fantasies about it.

  • Susan S

    I’m speechless.

  • Michael Montazeri

    America fetishizes its leaders on both sides of the aisle.

  • Wordsmith

    Ya know, Michelle Malkin always seems to be sneering to me, and that pic of Phyllis was a real LMAO moment.

  • pwapvt

    Michelle’s has cancellation stamp on it that I believe reads in full “hire the handicapped” So not pc here but there’s a joke that goes: “hire the handicapped, they’re fun to watch” Seems fitting for her.

  • nudiarist

    There has to be something subliminal as to why they placed the stamps on the women’s boobs.

  • Bill

    Reminds me of a right-wing email that went around a couple years ago in which a half-dozen or so air-brushed publicity photos of conservative women were followed by a similar number of unposed, candid, less-than-flattering shots of progressive women. The “point” was unclear but you’ve got to wonder what’s going on subliminally in these peoples’ minds.

  • Tena

    The right is terminally insecure about women and that’s what this whole thing says to me.

  • Rima

    Why do these women have their clothes on? The convention for this type of calendar is coy nudity, isn’t it? (Yes, even Phyllis Schlafly.)

  • Fearguth

    Where’s Sarah?

  • tinwoman

    Sarah isn’t in there because they couldn’t find any clever quote to put on the right hand stamp. Nothing that came out of her mouth ever made ANY sense.
    I guess they could’ve put “you betcha!” or that crack about seeing Russia from her porch…….

  • jtfromBC

    There’s only eleven women, Sarah hasn’t make up her mind yet which month out of the twelve she wants.
    BAG, I think we share the same sweetie and ‘long leggedy beastie’ but my inner boy is really hurting, ‘If this country didn’t stand up for its principles, we’d be Canada by now’

  • Rafael

    They look like WANTED Posters. “Warning Considered Hyperbolic and Insane. Treat with extreme caution.”

  • Blue Shark

    …the 3 cent postage on Malkin is just right. Are we talking worth here?
    …undeniably she is a “babe”, but oh so ugly under the skin.

  • g

    I don’t understand the point of the stamps with the quotes. It’s an odd jumble of ideas – evoking pin-up girls, high school yearbook photos, and retro stamps and the odd retro border. It doesn’t coalesce.
    I haven’t clicked through – Are all 11 of them wearing white shirts? Is that supposed to be some kind of uniform? Nurses or waitresses?
    I don’t think I’d like to meet the boy who puts Phyllis’s card in his sock drawer.

  • tom

    The full postmark is “Hire the handicapped, it’s good business”.
    I finally understand why Glen Beck still has a job.

  • bystander

    Do click through. The composite photo of all the women looks like it was ripped from a 1950s high school year book, or a Land’s End catalog for all the different shapes of women who can wear their white shits and jeans.

  • jtfromBC

    The white is for purity, my sweetie has a stamp of an ancient tree which
    celebrates 350 years of Connecticut, her home state, it also suggests she has made 350 of the most outrageous statements of any nut in America.

  • SkinnyDennis

    You’ve got to check out Zaius Nation’s take on this.

  • Auntie Claire’s Hand

    The design reminds me of an old-fashioned mimeographed cookbook put out by some local 4-H or ladies’ club. There should be recipes for jello salad and chicken croquettes. And somehow they managed to miss what’s usually sexy about the white shirt look. It’s supposed to look like the woman just had sex with a guy and put on his shirt afterwards. But I suppose it would be too much to expect Phyllis to muss up her hair helmet a little!

  • Progressive Mom

    It’s sad that a political party in this country has to attempt to get votes by posturing that its “babes” are better than the other party’s “babes.”
    Conservatives gone wild. Sad, sad.

  • William J. Borroughs

    “since the fall of Adam”? Speechless!!!!

  • anonymous coward

    She actually didn’t say she could see Russia from her house, Tina Fey did when she was playing Sarah Palin. Sarah said you could see Russia from parts of Alaska. Yea I know it’s just as stupid.

  • [email protected]

    What is that saying, “You can judge a book by its cover”? The Michelles are attractive that belies their ugly rheteric and lies. Both must stay up late making things up to pass to their zombie followers. From Death Panels to the school sex clinics and the Communists are coming”, or is it “Communists are here”? you would think Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and Marx were all reserrected and banging at the Capitol doors. Yet I doubt neither has the faintest idea what socialism, facist, or communism mean, let alone the social theories behind each. And Phillis wants to take her gender back to pre 1920 where we all stayed home pregnant and nails accross the threshold. Give me a break…no women in this country would want what these females are advocating for, and if it ever came to pass that they succeeded, the women of this country would arise so fast, the republican men would run for cover, never to be heard of again… The country and the world is moving ahead of these backward thinking people, ignorant out of choice, they will be left behind, a minority wallowing in isolation,self pity and hate.

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