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October 14, 2009

What Up: A Few GOP Heroes Steele Left Out

Did someone say The BAG has been a little too serious lately? This blogospheric response to the GOP Heroes cavalcade is from the great and often proudly blasphemous artist and designer Mike Monteiro.

…And then, my question to you is, who did Mike forget?

  • DennisQ

    It’s a toss-up. I can’t decide which of these has more grass roots appeal. They are both very Republican.

  • DanM

    Steven Colbert

  • yg

    orly taitz, bill ayers, larry sinclair, andy martin, d.c. madam, international olympics committee, hamas & the taliban. via newt: a p0rn studio and a nudie bar.

  • yg

    oh, and the c street secret affairs house.

  • yg

    also ahmadinejad.

  • angellight

    This is a perfect example of what GOP is about — lies and deception. Less, we forget, The U.S. electorate must wake-up to the fact that we are experiencing George Bush & the Republican Era’s Recession. We must have More liberal seats if we are to implement changes toward main street and not Wall Street. GOP gains will just thwart this direction and continue the same trend which has devastated this country. The GOP will say anything to regain their power. They are not for the average folks!
    The GOP Party of No in the healthcare debate continue to mouth that they are against healthcare reform because they want to control and keep healthcare costs down! Well they have not done a good job at it so far and it quite ironic and hypocritical because to control healthcare costs, one must have the Public Option! Even a 3rd grader understands that…
    As for the controversy of Rush Limbaugh, who day in and day out, has made millions influencing and shaping minds and hearts toward hatred, divisiveness, racial intolerance and just genuine negativity! He has been a pestilence and cancer on society. He has contributed mightily toward the culture of uncivility and rudeness! America is changing. America must change toward civility, tolerance, cooperation, all the things Rush Limbaugh is not and does not represent.

  • Evan

    Al Jolson’s kind of a cheap shot. Blackface, while abhorrent to us now, was standard fare for the time, and Jolson was known for fighting discrimination within acting circles.

  • Gasho

    How about Bush, Cheney, Gonzales!, Yoo, Harriette Myers, Rove, and that chick from the Justice department who thought her oath was to the President instead of the Constitution.
    Parade the whole line of recent evildoers between the G and the P. The right was backing all of their actions while they were in power committing their crimes..

  • mcmama

    Oliver North.

  • yg


  • yg

    another nomination: the pro-rape wing of the republican party.
    usa! usa!

  • NS

    This, exactly.

  • shpx.ohfu

    Jeff Gannon
    Erik Prince
    Armstrong Wiliams
    David Duke
    Joe Wilson
    David Addington
    John Yoo
    Mikey Mukasey
    Alberto Gonzales
    Brooks Brothers Rioters
    Katherine Harris
    Monica Goodling
    … the list goes on forever.

  • OldMayfly

    Best hero and poster boy for the GOP is Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons.”

  • yg

    iphone version of gop heroes:

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