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October 7, 2009

The Post’s White Coats Moment

Passing out white coats to doctors at Obama White House health care photo op

If, on first pass, the photo seems compelling as a “gotcha,” it’s otherwise ridiculous for the NY Post to be hitting on the Administration for passing out white coats at Obama’s Rose Garden photo op with doctors. It’s ridiculous, that is, when you learn from The Post’s own story the coats were handed out to doctors who forgot to bring their own.

(image: EPA)

  • Stella

    Are you kidding me? So if I happen to attend a function as the elderly woman I am, they will give me a pair of gloves, oversized handbag, and a straw pillbox hat to wear.
    “Invited guests fail to be good soldiers” would have been my headline. Is there a mission accomplished banner in the waiting?
    This administration is really not much of a change.

  • 1stdonoharm

    “in your professional cap’ies, if you’re not the problem…the solution becomes you.”

  • Wordsmith

    Sure….a red hat with purple gloves.
    “Is there a mission accomplished banner in the waiting?” Hmmm – well, all I can to that is this: It seems they were all REAL doctors. Hope that helps….

  • [email protected]

    At least these doctors from all 50 states were there because they BELIEVED in what our president is saying. Unlike Bush who surrounded himself with our military behind him whether they agreed with his warmongering or not, or screened the questions prior so that his dim wit could understand and answer. I know of what I speak, because my son while stationed in Iraq in 2007 was FORCED TO ATTEND VP Cheney’s Balad speach under threat of demotion. So get real, would you rather be present because of your own free will and aggreement, or coerced under threat of punishment?

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