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October 26, 2009

NY23: Repubs Trying Each Other’s Souls


Not-Fonda-Kerry.jpgNot that I was trying to make Lisa Miller, the DC Tea Party organizer, look bad with the eyes closed.

I wanted to show you this specific screen shot, however, given the exact moment she not only holds up Newt’s novel, but a flier branding Gingrich a RINO (Repub In Name Only). Rounding out the optics, by the way, is also a dangling cross. (If you expand the inset photo, you’ll also see still more “populist messaging” on her friend’s t-shirt.)

The symbols all told — Miller opens the video by announcing how Newt is actually “trying her soul,” given his backing of the pro-life pro-choice Republican in NY23 — we have a classic instance here of how the Republicans, the radical fringe egged on by Sarah Palin, are tearing themselves apart.

Also sorta fun is the filmed encounter between Miller and Newt inside the bookstore. Miller, in both the video outside and inside, is almost ridiculously polite on camera, as if conscious to demonstrate that: Tea Party ≠ Wacko. The prop overload and all the “soul trying” though seems to argue the opposite.

(screen shots via Hot Air)

  • Kathryn in MA

    Is that an Iron Cross?

  • La Cabeza

    I think you mean “pro-choice,” not “pro-life.” By the way, it may be helpful to spell out the acronym (Republican In Name Only) before using it. Not being steeped in the lore, I had to look it up.

  • DanM

    I think it’s a Maltese Cross

  • thebewilderness

    It is a Maltese Cross. A symbol worn by Christian crusade warriors, among other things. An Iron Cross does not have the indentations on the arms.

  • KingElvis

    Remember when Newt was the radical rightist? It says a lot that he’s now the reasonable one – and he’s just an insurance shill.
    What’s weird is the people who are Against the actual Republican and voting “Conservative Party” are calling the real Republicans…RINOs.
    That’s about as bizarre as it gets.
    Rethugs aren’t the worlds most self aware and conscientious people, but Jesus, can’t you see that titanic irony and “up is downism” in calling Newt – NEWT “the grinch” Gingrich, a RINO?
    Obama should just give all of his Wall Street fund raising booty to the Conservative party and the Sarah Palins and Michelle Bachman, so they can permanently cripple the only viable opposition party to the Dems – sorta like how Ralph-the-mouth Nader got his Judas money from Rethugs.

  • DennisQ

    Back when the Clinton impeachment was being debated in the House, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee argued that if the Republicans went ahead with it, they would destroy “comity” among legislators. Comity is the reason behind the elaborate formal politeness that members accord each other in their speeches, e.g., I thank the honorable gentleman for his remarks . . .
    Republicans at the time did not see the need for comity, which really rests in the presumption that one’s opponents have good intentions. As Jackson-Lee predicted, the impeachment destroyed that. There was no real reason for it; it was done simply out of spite.
    Bush governed without comity; and Cheney continues to malign the Democrats. But the Republicans have left themselves without anybody to meet them half way on issues. Instead of being just out of power, they’ve got nobody to push back against the radical extremes. No current office-holder is running for president; all they’ve got is cartoon figures like Gingrich and Palin and Romney.
    The real debacle for the Republicans is coming because they don’t have any real power. They have sufficient numbers to slow things down and threaten filibusters and the like, but they can’t impede political progress. Their de facto leaders are marginal figures like Lisa Miller, the DC Tea Party organizer. In other words, nobody.
    Republicans will have to make a commitment to comity. It’s not just rhetoric; it’s a necessary basis for government. Soon they’ll realize that they don’t need Fox News; and that Fox News is a liability.

  • KingElvis

    …and Newt must assume the lion’s share of blame for introducing what he saw as ‘radical’ methods of in-your-face-conflict that at time, he rationalized had been used by the left in the 60’s – but he took that to the level of elites in DC – and of course the shoutmatches on cable.
    I never like GOPPERs but it was the moment of that ridiculous impeachment that their ruthlessness really revealed itself for what it was: particularly when Newt stepped down as speaker THEN THE NEXT guy stepped down as speaker both essentially for keeping girlfriends, leaving Deni Hastert.

  • janinsanfran

    That is one sad, sick looking woman. I feel kind of sorry for whoever is family with her.

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