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October 12, 2009

Nobel Slam Not Enough, Newsweek Tries To Set White House on Fire


Come the first Monday after the Nobel announcement, here’s Newsweek jumping on the “he didn’t deserve it and who does he think he is, anyway?” bandwagon.

That’s the least of it, though. Whereas similar toxicity abounds, Newsweek pivots off the bald and ugly “undeserving” slash in the attempt to drive a high-profile wedge through the White House and in between the President and the V.P.

Given the lead, the relative scale and the anchor text, the suggestion here is that Obama, a more minimal figure, is suffering from an “idea” deficit and that the patriotic Biden not only towers over him from a policy standpoint but can also look you straight in the eye.

Regarding the color scheme, I’m not sure about the red, but the blue-state blue further ostracizes Obama by painting Biden as much more the party’s man.

(image: still looking)

  • Amir Goy

    That prominent blue is probably more intended to be a subliminal reminder of the woeful fact that Biden has actually been quoted as stating flat out, “I am a Zionist”.

  • DennisQ

    Obama has confounded his critics by recruiting good people who have stayed loyal to him. There weren’t any leaks during the campaign, and there haven’t been any leaks even during contentious policy disputes.
    Obama hasn’t had any major gaffes either. The right wing howls loudly over really insignificant things, like his off-the-cuff remark about the Cambridge police arresting Professor Gates. Obama’s so-called “apology tour” hasn’t made the rest of the world lose respect for the United States – quite the opposite has happened. The right wing cavils about Obama’s “undeserved” recognition.
    Newsweek is feigning surprise that Joe Biden has learned not to be as forthcoming with the press as he was during the campaign. This is not a different Joe Biden. He’s the same guy but he’s learned to be a team player, not some chatty commentator. The effect is cumulative. Biden is helping Obama gain credibility with centrist voters; and Obama rewards Biden by delegating substantive responsibilities to him.
    Republicans are going to climb down from the tree they’re in. They thought that if they refuse to cooperate with Obama that he’d get nothing done. How wrong they were! He’s getting stuff done, and they are looking more than simply obstructionist, they’re looking unAmerican. Obama’s good, and they’ll soon see in him what Joe Biden sees.

  • Serr8d

    The best thing about BHO being President?
    Joe Biden isn’t.

  • Tena

    I know that’s what I always immediately think when I see blue.

  • Tena

    Elect them, then proceed to tear them down daily.
    I’m embarrassed by this. Americans don’t deserve a good government if we don’t know how to appreciate one and apparently we don’t.

  • Wordsmith

    The best thing about BHO being President?
    The GOP got punk’d.

  • thomas

    It seems that that sort of contentious, backhanded attitude is almost an obligatory posture in media these days. You know, How pollution is actually good for the environment. Is saving for retirement a big mistake? Why uneducated kids actually do better in life. Etc.
    I think gets credit for really pushing this provocateur-all-the-time idiom; in the first years of its life every single article on every single subject purported to upend conventional thinking. This strategy of “Everything you thought you know is wrong” feels faddish and may, in fact, be the sort of panicky arm-waving one should expect in a saturated market.

  • Gasho

    This cover is a persuasion/suggestion slam fest.
    What was the editor thinking?: Let’s take down Mr. Nobel Peace Prize… 1)retweet Hitchens’ single word attack “undeserved” right off the bat; 2)shrink him down to size 3)use his placement to suggest “wee”, as in ’small’ 4)make him 1/10th the size of Biden, who’s already thought of as insignificant; and then we’ll use apophasis [and echoing letters] to slam “Joe the Joke” with his Baby Blue tie and sagging lapel pin. Ok. That ought to do it.

  • Rafael

    Best thing about Obama being President? No Palin.

  • [email protected]

    It’s a good thing no one reads Newsweek anymore!

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