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October 15, 2009

“I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.”

meghan-mccain twitter.jpg

Is this:

Nothing — move on?

Another signal that the strange brew of politics and celebrity culture is killing us?

The danger of having the young, totally cool Republican playing field virtually to yourself (or so you think)?

A too clever cry for love … and another 10k followers?

Inevitable, as Meghan McCain enters her 16th minute of fame?

Cindy’s id?

John’s id?

Regards Telegraph story: “Meghan McCain threatens to quit Twitter over picture – then apologises.” (Subhead: “Meghan McCain, a daughter of the former Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, has had to apologise after she posted a picture of herself displaying ample cleavage on the social networking service Twitter.”)

  • DanM

    It’s a sign she’s a not-ready-for-primetime player.
    Unless of course she’s hoping for a McCain/Hudgens ticket somewhere along the line.

  • Withnails

    She’s a non-political person in a political world.

  • Julia Grey

    So What?
    A young lady got her feelings hurt and learned a lesson about discretion. Yawn.

  • g

    I am surprised that news about Meghan McCain is considered “political” in any way. She’s as politically relevant as Tila Tequila is.

  • Twinky P*

    Twat’s been twitting for a year now, and suddenly her tits’ve been front paged on every blog I click on. Hmmm. Wonder why.

  • DennisQ

    Tila Tequila is pretty savvy and she has a lot of hustle. Her YouTube video Hot for Teacher has four million hits – unprecedented for a political advocacy infomercial. She reaches people who are otherwise out of reach. She’s a sort of consciousness-raising Zsa Zsa Gabor. It’s incongruent, but it works.

  • akinoluna – a female Marine

    Just another sign of how much boobs freak people out. Get over it, geez…

  • PMMJ

    Agreed with akinoluna. I was surprised to hear about the uproar. I wonder what the older vs. younger reaction is to this one.

  • Tena

    “The danger of having the young, totally cool Republican playing field virtually to yourself (or so you think)?”
    That right there.

  • Tena

    I want to see a debate between Megan, BabyDick Cheney and Rudy Giuiliani in a blonde wig.

  • Serr 8d

    I owned her. Fixed th… on Twitpic” rel=”nofollow”>@Mccainblogette RE: twitpic <a href= Fixed th… on Twitpic”>

  • MotherCordes

    The fact that she’s holding an Andy Warhol book is really interesting. Warhol would love her for this.

  • karen

    Warhol as opposed to War Ho in Serr 8d’s post.

  • crabby

    the prude police put her in her place!! Turtlenecks in the home.

  • gmoke

    Zsa Zsa may not have been very political but she had an affair with Kemel Attaturk, according to some stories.

  • NS

    ffs, if we wanted to visit your blog, we would. get over yourself.

  • yg

    that was something else. i didn’t know she had depth. the next step to this would be political advocacy p0rn. would that make an impact?
    just think: climate change p0rn. it might have the potential of creating rightwing converts.

  • DanM

    climate change p0rn. it might have the potential of creating rightwing converts.
    tried that already with lucrative financial opportunities in renewable energy, but if it doesn’t kill or at least crush something they’re just not into it.

  • pragmatic realist

    Caption: “Are these 2 huge? Are you offended? Do you think they were a mistake?”

  • Molly

    I like the comment about the tank top “struggling to do its job”. YAY for understated wit!

  • LizDexic

    She hasn’t been the same since Joe the Plumber lured her to his van during a McCain/Palin rally
    and showed her his snake.

  • yg

    flip side of gender role playing:

    it’s not mean, it’s silly.

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