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October 22, 2009

Eating Our Lunch


I’m only wondering why it took so long for the Dems to turn the laser beam — given the gaping absence of competition — on the fat, happy and defiant health insurance industry. Given the super size of the target, the new Move On video, “Track Meet,” is wickedly funny (with the Blue Cross guy and the sexualizing of Big Blue’s obscene profiteering being perfectly audacious).

Harry and Louise who? The system is so out of whack, these outlandish caricatures are spot-on. The killer meme throughout the rest of the battle?

It’s gluttony.

(screen grab:

  • Paul In boca

    I doesn’t seem likely that those fat guys would be able to catch the woman representing the PHO. That ruined the message for me.

  • Gasho

    Not at all.. it IS the message. Think about it – Obama doesn’t want to do away with private insurance and become a purely “socialized” society. He wants to keep them around (at least that’s his pitch) but make them compete, slim down, and get to work for their customers. Portraying the public option as blowing the doors off the private companies would be an anti-business stance that the right (and the insurance companies) could use as an argument against the public option. A fair and close race, though, is hard to argue with.
    I loved the ad. It was brilliant.
    More, please. I think I might pitch a dime or two over to Move-On for this one : )

  • bystander

    Good point, Gasho. In addition the clip emphasized the energized faces of the competitors, because competition is as American as… Yes, brilliant. Harry and Louise, who?, indeed.

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