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October 20, 2009

Carry Me Away (at 5 and 11, and 24/7)


Flying saucer. Perfect!

I must be the last person in the country to touch this story, but I thought it was beautiful, the photo fitting every metaphor (getting carried away; full of hot air; the latest bright shiny object) indicative of our “distraction media” and an enormous audience averse to substance.

(h/t: JS)

(photo: Reuters via KUSA TV)

  • karen h

    we can’t miss the partial deflation!

  • Morgan

    I was actually hoping no one would touch this story.

  • donna

    We are not averse to substance. SO many of us were disgusted by this garbage story.
    I am sick of the media.

  • g

    Jiffy Pop

  • Rima

    It’s the Republican Party’s trial balloon.

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