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October 12, 2009

Beck Takes Swing at Obama, Karate Chops Pelosi

Glenn Beck "takes jab" at Obama

One Fox executive said that the jabs by the White House could solidify the network’s audience base and recalled that Mr. Ailes had remarked internally: “Don’t pick a fight with people who like to fight.” — from: Fox’s Volley With Obama Intensifying/NYT.

In light of the fisticuffs breaking out between FOX and the White House, a reader brought a troubling Glenn Beck behavior to my attention, one consistent with Mr. Beck’s loose grip on reality. What it made me wonder was when, if ever, I saw a TV personality gesticulating at figures on a video background as if physically interacting and even hitting them.

Last Wednesday’s Beck program offered up several examples. In the first (if you’re watching the video), he puts a double karate chop on Pelosi at the 3:32 mark, takes a more coy swing at Obama at 7:33, then delivers a more angry slap at the President’s mid-section at 7:45.

Beyond the loose boundaries, the clinical world has a term for this. It’s called: modeling aggression.

(h/t: kh)

  • bystander

    Yes. And, while we don’t wonder for whom Beck is modeling aggression, it is reasonable to wonder why his employer thinks this is an acceptable thing for Beck to do. There are no limits to the crazy gear in which these folks are willing to play, are there? Someone once recommended a dart gun with 300 mg of Thorazine as an initial load for an online poster run amok. For Beck I think we need to inch closer to 1,000. I keep waiting for the day when someone flags a YouTube of Beck finally fully decompensating right on air.

  • Gasho

    Why haven’t the guys in the black shades just shown up at his doorstep and vanished him for inciting violence against the President of the United States?
    I’m sure lots of Bush haters fantasized about releasing their anger in some way on Bush, but I don’t think it ever came from media personalities. Doing this in your living room and doing it on TV are extremely different. “Modeling Aggression” is the perfect term for this. It seems like cause enough to take him in for a little questioning. I don’t think he’s planning a physical attack himself, but it isn’t out of the range of possibility that he’s being directed to handle himself in this way by those above him in order to incite violence from the broader public. Isn’t that terrorism on some level? It’s worth a few hours of questioning.
    Did Bill Maher ever go this far? Did Olbermann ever mimick violent actions? I can’t recall, but I’d love to know. I think they stuck to pointing out his violence and injustice via reasoning and argument.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Jon Stewart has often appeared to touch images of politicians electronically superimposed next to him. Sure, he’s no Glenn Beck, but it fits the description of “a TV personality gesticulating at figures on a video background.” Maybe Beck is just following Stewart’s lead. Even more troubling.

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