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October 22, 2009

BAZAAR Fashion Ideas

Tina Fey Bazzar.jpg

Friend of The BAG Peter Hollander sent this BAZAAR cover along with the following comments:

I keep seeing Tina everywhere and can’t help but think she’s set her mind on tweaking Sara. She’s everything Sara’s not.

She has a job, has a career, has a stable family, has a future!, and she’s feeding off that sub-concious comparison reminding Sara that she has none of those things.

Personally, I have my doubts the people at BAZAAR were conscious of a Palin connection — although the heels, the (pure) white (vs. “rogue” red) and the “new ideas” statement could all plug in.

I’m sorry, though, I hadn’t see the cover first before I read Peter’s comments. And then, I’m even less objective on this given a certain screen grab burned into my memory of Tina looking back at Palin as she breezes by her in one of those campaign classics from SNL.) I’m wondering if you think there is an implicit connection here?

If not, I’m still curious what different cultural themes are pulling for a new fashion of black-and-white.

(photo: not available)

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