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October 22, 2009

BAZAAR Fashion Ideas

Tina Fey Bazzar.jpg

Friend of The BAG Peter Hollander sent this BAZAAR cover along with the following comments:

I keep seeing Tina everywhere and can’t help but think she’s set her mind on tweaking Sara. She’s everything Sara’s not.

She has a job, has a career, has a stable family, has a future!, and she’s feeding off that sub-concious comparison reminding Sara that she has none of those things.

Personally, I have my doubts the people at BAZAAR were conscious of a Palin connection — although the heels, the (pure) white (vs. “rogue” red) and the “new ideas” statement could all plug in.

I’m sorry, though, I hadn’t see the cover first before I read Peter’s comments. And then, I’m even less objective on this given a certain screen grab burned into my memory of Tina looking back at Palin as she breezes by her in one of those campaign classics from SNL.) I’m wondering if you think there is an implicit connection here?

If not, I’m still curious what different cultural themes are pulling for a new fashion of black-and-white.

(photo: not available)

  • Kat

    Fey has a hit tv show which just won an emmy.

  • Johanna

    Feeding off the subconscious comparison? I’d say she’s feeding off Palin herself, without whom “Tina”, as you familiarly call her, would be far less well known. Has a stable family? How can you tell? Has a future? Her future will depend on Palin’s. Tina is like an opportunistic infection that will not be able to survive its host body.

  • nightbird

    wrong…just wrong

  • nordmend

    i loath shoes like that. our version of footbinding. de-capableizing.
    very nicely designed cover. spare.
    one could say the black-and-white theme is perhaps informed by having a more or less black president, or a growing sense of an impending day of reckoning in regards to afghanistan and the general rot in and of america. or, maybe it’s just “black and white” time in the never-ending fashion cycle.
    in some ways, ms. fey and mrs.paulin are so intertwined that publicity for one is publicity for both, as in “hey, there’s tina on the cover (cute); if sarah (cute) runs again we’ll see more of both (double cute). so sarah’s gettin’ my vote! what? the economy? wars? whatever.”

  • ohcomeon

    Tina Fey was rich and famous long before anyone outside of Wasilla knew who Sarah Palin was. She is already rich enough that she doesn’t need to ever work again. Her Emmy winning show has nothing to do with Palin. She has done dead on immitations of Palin maybe 5 times. She has been a star for years. That being said, I’m pretty sure Bazaar knows the comparison they are making.

  • Johanna

    If it’s so true she doesn’t need to work again, she wouldn’t. I disagree that she was so famous before Sarah Palin. This has become her shtick, her way of keeping herself in the public eye. Only the most generous interpretation of “star” could make it possible to say she has been a star for years. She was a fixture on that show, but no more a star than Pohler, who herself could not be called a star. In fact, Tina emerged from the ensemble in her own right only through Palin. That’s when people started calling her brilliant and talking about her. Her actual physical resemblance to Palin is not very great — she looks more like the unfortunate Chandra Levy, if she looks like any well known person at all.

  • Stella

    I don’t know or watch her, and I’m dead sick of hearing about Palin. My response to both of these people and to fashion is “yeah, so what?”
    There’s no there there, it’s just about selling.

  • Julia Grey

    If it’s so true she doesn’t need to work again, she wouldn’t.
    I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. Plenty of independently wealthy people enjoy working, and it’s probably a particular kick to keep working in show business.
    I remember hearing plenty about Tina Fey before Palin. She stars in 30 Rock with Alec Baldwin, for pity’s sake.

  • Johanna

    Oh 30 Rock? A previous poster said she didn’t know or watch her. My observation is that women with young children, which I think she has, who are independently wealthy do not continue to work while the kids are growing up. At least, not a full time job. For the good of the community she should get out of the work force if she doesn’t need it, so someone can get the job who actually needs the money. We have a jobs crisis, for crying out. Independently rich people, get out of the way so the needy can work.

  • Gasho

    you wouldn’t be looking out your window at the Russians, now would you, “Johanna”?

  • ohcomeon

    You are hilarious. How many people do you think Ms. Fey employs? She is creating jobs not stopping others from working. And you think she has small children so she should stay home with them? I believe it is Ms. Palin who has small children. One of them is even a special needs child as I recall. And now that Ms. Palin is a best selling author, she has certainly made enough money to support her children until they are grown so perhaps it is she who should be staying home.

  • Johanna

    She does have at least one small child. She had a baby three years ago. Yes, she employs a lot of people: the nanny, the dogwalker, the decorator, the tile layer for bathroom renovations, etc. What would be more admirable — her posing in 8 inch heels in a vampy way in Vogue, or staying home raising the kids? She’s still a barnacle on the hull of Palin.

  • pws

    Look, it’s only lower class people who think that people only work because they have to.
    Julia Louis Dreyfus has been an heiress to a large fortune (Billions, with a B) for her entire life, yet she decided to become a comedienne. What could possibly more fun than working in show business?
    Now, I do wonder if Sarah Palin would spend the rest of her life eating bon-bons and sitting on the couch if she were even a millionaire. She does seem to be a bit of a quitter. On the other hand she is so clueless and talentless we’ll probably be “blessed” with her antics for years to come. Good for comedy, bad for America.

  • pws

    I’m sure Palin appreciates being compared to a barnacle-covered oil-tanker. I should have thought of that comparison myself. Kudos.

  • Progressive Mom

    The design is spare, by Bazaar standards; and if I’m not mis-remembering, I think most of their highly recognizable faces that aren’t models are usually close-ups, emphasizing the person, not the clothes.
    But what strikes me most is the word “new” associated with Fey. New? Hardly. So is it “new model for working women?” Or “new way of harpooning politicans?” Or “new comedy”? Or just plain “new…ideas?”

  • lytom

    Cotton-twill “bustier” bustiere dress does not fit well.
    Seems to be two sizes bigger. It does not say much for the freedom of movement and the ability not to worry
    it may slip…
    Tina’s pose, I am sure, is not her favorite, seems artificial.
    Tense expression, not much humor in it, she is portraying herself and not anybody else.
    Looking over her shoulder and only one arm visible, feet rigidly together is not a great composition.
    Too many constrictions and not much of a freedom. Was she paid for posing? Too much grey in Tina Fey.

  • Julia Grey

    Oh 30 Rock? A previous poster said she didn’t know or watch her.
    One poster said they don’t watch 30 Rock and…..?
    I don’t get what you’re saying there.
    By the way, she employs a lot more people than her nanny and her maid. She has a frickin PRODUCTION COMPANY. Little Stranger Inc., housed at NBC/Universal. Look it up.

  • Johanna

    Tina Fey and her life are not a reproach to Sarah Palin. Being governor of Alaska, and not an unsuccessful one, is bigger than having a production company given to you and then creating a self referential series about — yourself and your job. Hers is not the socially useful or meaningful work that can be held up as the example Sarah Palin falls short of. Maybe some other woman can fill that role, but not Tina Fey. This little vanity excursion on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar does not add to her stature either.

  • Rafael

    You mean the serial quitter Sarah Palin was successful as a governor? Really? Then why did she quit?

  • Jason

    Tina Fey is a genius. She looks really lovely in this shot. She has a pageant stance here, almost military. Recently, I heard that SP was looking for a lipstick deal? Is Palin prime time? I think Obama and Fay make a great slightly nerdy into cool super team. Obama/Fey 2012!

  • Aurora

    Elizabeth Stamatina “Tina” Fey (born May 18, 1970) is an American actress, comedian, writer, and producer. She has received seven Emmy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and four Writers Guild of America Awards. She was singled out as the performer who had the greatest impact on culture and entertainment in 2008 by the Associated Press, who gave her their AP Entertainer of the Year award.
    First paragraph at Wiki.
    Johanna, breathe.

  • joy

    Wow, Johanna, why so angry?

  • NS

    “having a production company given to you”– wow, presumptuous/condescending much?
    in any case… you make it seem like Fey and Palin are apples and oranges. they’re not. they’re both entertainers. they specialize in spectacle. did you forget that Palin has a background in pageantry?
    it’s as though you’ve never heard the old saw: politics is show business for ugly people.
    Fey — and i say this with great admiration — has emerged as a pin-up for the liberal cognoscenti (plus the press loves her ugly duckling story)… and Palin is Miss Orthogonia.
    they’re two sides of the same coin. that’s why those SNL screen grabs linked above are so mind blowing.
    two roads diverged in a red, white, and blue wood…

  • nightbird

    you’re not serious, right?

  • Blue Shark


  • Johanna

    The performer with the greatest impact on culture. Well, maybe, if by culture you mean all entertainment high and low. How can her “art”, which is to create a series glorifying herself, be compared with the true art of trained musicians, dancers or actors? She’s, well, lowbrow, to put it very mildly. Sarah Palin is without pretension. For that alone she has more class than Tina Fey. Before she quit, she was governor. Obama also “quit” his job, as did Hillary and countless others who swore, absolutely swore they would serve out their terms. That Tina Fey has received these awards is symptomatic of the decline of arts in American culture, even as the pool of talent in the arts is greater than ever before.

  • crabby

    I think so, and I don’t disagree with most of what she says, other than the stop working part. Her quitting will do nothing for “jobs”.

  • Molly

    Palin is without pretension? How do you know this? Are you her next door neighbor and best bosom friend? C’mon, give! How do you have this inside track into her character except perhaps through the filter of your own biases?
    And yes, before she quit, she was governor. And then, she QUIT.

  • NS

    Liz Lemon and Sarah Palin are both fictional characters developed by the women who play them. but at least Fey is honest about the fact that she deals in fiction.
    “all entertainment high and low” — “true art” — are you kidding? as if the last four/five decades haven’t been about thoroughly dissolving, inverting, and otherwise mixing up “low” and “high” art. have you even a rudimentary knowledge of “the arts in American culture”? because the snobbery in between the lines here suggests otherwise.
    the woman who said “how ’bout in honor of the American soldier, ya quit makin’ things up?” is without pretension? the one who resigned her position for the sake of a lucrative book deal (and to dodge ethics investigations)? and FEY is the one “glorifying herself”? a single one of Palin’s speeches is more self-serving and pompous than every episode of “30 Rock” combined.
    trollsville, daddy-o! you know it’s a troll when they just keep setting up straw men rather than engaging your actual points. (whoever said she was “the performer with the greatest impact on culture”??)

  • NS

    …oh. the AP/wikipedia said so. oopsies.

  • Johanna

    I’ve said it before — very vehement opinions for such a careless reader. The last decades have been “about” (such a vulgar usage) the mixing of high and low? They’ve been about a lot of things, not all of them good. The last decade was about the Iraq war. Does that settle that that should be what ought to have happened? But wait, why am I responding to a person who uses the word “about” as in, the last decades were “about”….etc? Saying how bout…ya quit makin’ things up is not pretentious. It might be silly — but not pretentious. As to my being a troll, what is a troll? Someone who doesn’t despise Sarah Palin? Now go back to your worship of Tina Fey.

  • Kimberly

    Some people actually LOVE their work! Evidently not Palin, who quit hers, if you recall…

  • David

    Few people outside of Alaska had heard of Sarah Palin before she was elected governor in 2006. In that same year, Tina Fey had created and become executive producer and star of “30 Rock,” a popular television show on a major network. Tina did not “emerge” from the Saturday Night Live ensemble “through Palin.” In fact, she had left the show in 2006 and returned as a guest and played Palin in 2008. And while Palin was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 5,469 in 2000) in 1999 and would be for several more years, Tina Fey was promoted to head writer of Saturday Night Live in 1999.
    While I respect your irrational hatred of “stars,” your statements are incorrect. It’s not for you to “disagree” about Fey’s fame prior to her impression of Palin. The facts are out there regardless of your contempt of them.

  • NS

    a troll is someone who nitpicks the use of the word “about” rather than replying to the actual point being made.
    you’re right, though; i was careless — i should have been more specific. i meant that for the last five decades the ART WORLD, from Jasper Johns to Pina Bausch to Arthur Russell to Harmony Korine, has centered on the digestion and conscious remaking of the sad binaries (eg, “vulgarity” vs. “true art”) to which you still seem to cling for some reason.
    it’s also my opinion that the spectacle has emerged as a monolithic art form, remaking all forms of creativity or production in its own image. seen in this light, 9/11 was a terrifying instance of…performance art. and the distance between palin and fey dwindles to nil; they are just two different types of performers.
    now if you’ll excuse me, 30 rock is coming on and these candles won’t light themselves…

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