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September 25, 2009

Your Turn: Carlyfornia

carlyfornia-2.jpg carlyfornia-1.jpg carlyfornia3.jpg

First I thought those were pills.

…But really, I think teasing this ad apart is a worthy exercise to better understand how “Carly,” a former-Fortune 500 exec, and a woman taking on Barbara Boxer (and orienting herself as the dog versus the cat), approaches the challenge from a branding/Mad Ave/web/demographic perspective. (On the “good vs. bad” screen, by the way, does the ad seem to play with the association of Boxer wearing a hijab? …Maybe I just hallucinated that.)

(Anyway, here’s Baratunde’s video with some well chosen twitter snark, and here’s Carly’s website.) Also note, Photoshop seemed to turn these screenshots more pink than the originals.)

(ad creators: still looking)

  • thomas

    I thought it was medicine for pets. And witless pun + three exclamation marks = abrasive and horrible in just about every respect.

  • Russ

    No you did not hallucinate the hijab. For anyone not knowing what that’s about, check out the Web site. I do a Web site once in a while for a little extra money, and I bet Carly paid a bundle for this piece of nothing. Boy was she snookered on this job.
    She’s richer than God from her eBay gig and she thinks she can buy the job of U.S. Senator. Maybe she can. But this is hopeful start. Hopeful for those of us who hope she doesn’t make it past the primary.

  • Russ

    Oops, I should have said Hewlett-Packard instead of eBay. She drove HP into the ground. I had her confused with Meg Whitman. All those white lady CEOs look alike.

  • Clem Guttata

    When I saw carlyfornia, the first thing that came to mind was Californication (the album and song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers).

  • mcmama

    My immediate reaction was confusion. Does she really think she’s the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name Carly? Good lord. I thought of Carly Simon, and I thought this was a crazy way to advertise a concert. Or an album. Or whatever Carly was coming to California to do…

  • Tena

    I thought it was either possibly an ad for feminine hygiene products or a new teen magazine.

  • karen

    shhhh…..hopefully, they won’t catch on. It’s too good to disappear any time soon.

  • karen

    I see the hijab, but what’s the thing on the left? A fetal doughboy?

  • Goober Peas

    There is something distinctly Valley of the Dolls/Jacqueline Suzanne-ish about this ad.

  • Susan S

    I’m with you, Clem. First thought was “Californication” and the next thought was John Phillips and incest.

  • ahpook

    “her eBay gig” — you might be thinking of that other female Silicon Valley CEO running for public office in california – Meg Whitman. Carly Fiorina was the disastrous CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

  • ahpook

    Great page at media matters with news blurbs on her track record:

  • Amy Baskin

    1st thought- why associate yourself with Papa John’s song now that McKenzie’s come out with the incest story?
    2nd thought- the buttons look like some kind of happy pills for perimenopausal women.
    Nicht gut.

  • Aurora

    a cherub…baby angel…

  • Aurora

    the meme is Xian vs Islam? angel vs devil? baby boy vs grown woman?
    could she really be doing that?

  • jtfromBC

    I thought it was an advertisement by Arnie and his Lady, informing us that California welcomed pets.

  • Wordsmith

    I swear to gawd I thought it was ad for Iams. This looks like the cover of the bag their food comes in.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    And then, if you look at the full screen version, the “hajib” figure on the right looks, to me, like a man. So where Carly “feminizes” Boxer and casts herself as masculine in the “dog and cat” screen, she seems to be doing the inverse here, making herself out as an angelic (androgynous) figure while tying Boxer to (male) terrorists.

  • yg

    carly & iran sitting in a tree…

  • Michael Niederman

    I am shocked, SHOCKED! that Carly would associate herself with a known incest rapists.
    …come on, guys, let’s push that accusation forward.

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