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September 23, 2009

UN Climate Change: Pics of the Day

Rice Clinton UN.jpg

The presence of Susan Rice and the absence of Condi Rice at this year’s General Assembly meeting speaks volumes about the shift in style and the decrease in hysteria in conducting U.S. diplomacy.

Djimon UN.jpg

Hell, fire and brimstone not withstanding, the global powers are moving pretty slowly.

Hu Jintao.jpg

As the Telegraph reported, Hu Jintao was the first Chinese President to address the UN General Assembly in 40 years. And though his speech didn’t deliver on anticipated emission targets, there is a growing acknowledgment this week that China is surpassing the U.S. in taking on an international leadership role, as least as far as climate change is concerned. This image captures the buzz as Hu, his people all around him — expresses enjoyment in his front row seat during this Kodak moment.

(image 1: Jim Watson/Getty Images. image 2: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters. image 3:Rick Gershon/Getty Images. United Nations in New York, NY, September 22, 2009)

  • Megan

    I love the concentration and work displayed in the top picture of Clinton and Rice. I have no doubt they’ve processed the information in their handouts, are following the speeches and are discussing it substantively.
    Little creeped out that the only black men in the bottom pictures appear to be bodyguards. Even in the UN assembly, black men are only there to do bodywork?

  • grrljock

    Megan noticed the black men in the bottom picture. I noted all the men in black. What a contrast to the first picture of Clinton and Rice.

  • mon_oeil

    I’m not sure how you can tell that the black man walking out of the frame on the right and the one in blue at the bottom right of the man who looks to be Al Gore, are bodyguards; nine of the men visible (which includes Hu Jintao) in the frame appear to be Chinese, either photographers or diplomats!!!! And besides, this photo is about the Chinese delegation. I cannot imagine that in the UN assembly there are not black diplomats since there are 54 African countries and more than several black Caribbean island countries. In the middle photo of this bagnewsnotes display for example, a black man is speaking at the podium.

  • Michael Montazeri

    I was struck by Bag’s use of the word “hysteria” in the first image, the word being rooted in the Greek word for “uterus,” since “female hysteria” was considered a disease inflicting up women, among other symptoms, “a tendency to cause trouble” ( ).

  • Michael Montazeri

    That should read “upon” women, not “up” women. I swear that was not Freudian.

  • Marie

    Is that Rice? Doesn’t look like Condi.

  • Marie

    Ah… different Rice…

  • Johanna

    Yeah, this Rice is great, really wonderful. Samantha Power called her, in an Atlantic article in 2001, “bystander to genocide.” She was one of the key officials on the Africa desk during the Clinton administration at that time, and one who urged non involvement in the murder spree that took place in Rwanda. Oh, you don’t remember Rwanda? not surprised. It happened more than two years ago.

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