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September 14, 2009

Teabaggers Subliminal Death Message

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Grim Reaper Zuma.jpg

The wingnuts don’t consistently merge health care reform with Obama’s name just because it’s catchy.

The most chilling and sickest thing about the Teabaggers strategy is the way their exploitation of death symbolism, merged with their hatred of the President, cross-fertilizing a “death to/of Obama” suggestion.

(h/t: Oliver Willis)

(image 1 & 2: NineTwelvePhotos at Flickr. Image 3: Newscom/ZumaWire via TPM)

  • Ed Webb

    A lynch mob on the National Mall is a particularly ugly thing.

  • Sue j

    And how ironic that just 9 months ago the National Mall was full of positive energy, love, and hope. Maybe we need to start posting images from the inauguration again, just to balance out these hateful people.

  • donna

    The deathers better be careful. Martyring people is a really bad idea that they would deeply, deeply regret. We worry about the sick in America — well, these are the truly sick people, well beyond help.

  • MeToo

    I think the Ghost Busters corporate entity should sue the owner of that hearse and the manufacturer is there is one for maligning their logo.
    The picture at top is fairly mundane when you consider the possible visual impact of some of the protestors. Banality (or suburbanization) of evil? Or it it just a shot of moms on Halloween?

  • Queen’s Lament

    That hearse is just too much for me, doesn’t this seem like it is going way too far in political protesting? Don’t these folks remember the assasinations in our past, or are they the same people who rejoiced when Kennedy was murdered?
    Those women sitting there with their smug little smiles and their death-wishing sign, is that really what they mean, to equate the recent death of Sen. Kennedy and a wished for death of our president?
    And that modified GhostBusters/Obama campaign logo looked to me like a KKK white hood.
    I surely did not see any of this type of stuff in the cable news reports of the march this weekend! Gee, I wonder why?…

  • Tena
    Anyone who hasn’t yet seen Max Blumenthal’s video of the 912 gathering really needs to.
    My personal fave is the 300 pound woman who doesn’t have healthcare coverage and likes it that way – cause she doesn’t need it. She is the one, as well, who claims that “before FDR, everyone just saved up.”
    Would that include the 90% of seniors who were below the poverty line before social security?

  • Serr8d

    Man, you’re really stretching! Nice Dreams! Smoking and not sharing!
    I think any further ’suggestions’ you get from ODub you should wash and leave hanging on a line for a few hours. Hopefully they’ll shrink to more manageable, ‘think first’ size.
    Where do you get off thinking that you can actually read the minds of people? You suggest that it’s possible that these ‘teabaggers’ (follow the leftist narrative, much?) have embedded racial motivations because they chose ‘death imagery’ (health care, sickness, death; followers, who knew?), it is therefore perfectly fair in your mind to assume that ulterior death-threats must exist simply because the signs are carried by whites? Sheesh, you’ve missed your profession. You should be reading minds in courtrooms, save all of us millions by gleaning the guilty from the innocent.
    Next time ODub sends you a tip, please, please think it through before you shoot off a post. Do like he does; eat a couple dozen donuts and go take a nap.

  • Tena

    Who’s reading minds? Everyone is just reading the signs – that’s all it takes.
    Y’all aren’t hiding anything, believe me.

  • yg

    ah, the white joker face also suggests a skull.

  • Jack

    Where is the “subliminal” part of the death to Obama message? I see a huge lack of subtlety.

  • jtfromBC

    Dedicated to Serr8d
    Looking in on the USA from north of the 49th parallel, and humming along with one of my favorite tunes, ‘Oh What A Wonderful Day’
    A Music Video Tribute/Slideshow To Teabagger Hate Signs – 09/13/09

  • BigUnit

    ReThugs think if they derail Obama people will come running back to them in ‘10. Think again. ReThugs have done nothing to distinguish themselves on any issue except to megaphone the populace with idiocy.. No substance! Americans would be fools to go back to that. My guess is we’ll see LOTS of Democratic primaries, w/corporate-tied (often Red Staters) being challenged (as if they aren’t already intellectually-challenged). ReThugs could be replaced by rebirth of Progressive Party (thank you, Wisconsin) and Independents, well deserved. Immortalized in the exclusive idiots hall of shame…

  • Tena

    Well, look, the Republicans have absolutely nothing they can point to to be proud of. It took them almost 40 years to get the White House and the majority and what did they do with it? Can anyone point to a shining achievement of the Republicans time in power? They don’t want to touch Bush’s Legacy with a 10 foot pole, but that’s all they have. That was them – the Republicans. And they want people to trust them now? On what basis? They broke the country.

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