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September 16, 2009

Horse Feathers

Baucus Inaugural.jpg

There are a number of reasons why this inauguration photo from Max Baucus’ website stood out for me — now that he’s come away from his protracted quest for a bipartisan health care agreement with nothing (but concessions).

I see:

Big State. Miniscule population. Special interests with a leg up.

The farce of leading a charge.

Stomping on the cowboy myth. This guy’s not just a suit, but industry’s suit.

(image: Kelli Morse via

  • Tena

    The thing that jumps out at me in the picture is the juxtaposition of Baucus in his suit and overcoat with his cowboy colorguard, in their dusters and ten gallon hats. It really does just scream: I’m an Industry Suit.

  • Rima

    Unless Baucus is the guy in the white hat, holding the flag, I don’t recognize him. It’s not the pedestrian – Baucus has more hair.

  • Tim

    It would appear that the picture is displayed in reverse. Check out “Montana” on the flag…

  • jtfromBC

    Bought and paid for in full…
    Montana Senator Max Baucus, the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, is the Senate’s point man on healthcare reform. A new article in the Montana Standard finds that Senator Baucus has received more campaign money from health and insurance industry interests than any other member of Congress. The article says, “In the past six years, nearly one-fourth of every dime raised by Baucus and his political-action committee has come from groups and individuals associated with drug companies, insurers, hospitals, medical-supply firms, health-service companies and other health professionals.”

  • Rima

    And yet, the “EXIT” sign at the back of the Obama viewing booth seems to be displayed fine.

  • Tena

    Ah – I still don’t put a face with Baucus – I never paid any attention to him before this.

  • Sandra

    Mr. Max is not in this photo. The photo was on his site. Senators in the parade, I don’t think so. The flag is blowin in the wind, ergo wording backwards?
    Mr. Max sure wasted everyone’s time. The Onion piece is good

  • dancinfool

    Not a flipped photo – it’s Montana through the looking glass.

  • yg

    industry’s suit:

  • yg

    as if that wasn’t whorish enough, one of his senior aides was formerly vice president for wellpoint, an insurance company. a stealth lobbyist helped write the damn bill:

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