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September 21, 2009

George Schieffer and Bob Stephanopoulos

Obama 5 Press Programs.jpg

No other president has been a guest on so many Sunday talk shows at once, which signaled how much Mr. Obama wanted to reclaim the health care debate and persuade skeptics that his plans would not increase taxes on the middle class. But for so well-spoken and confident a president, the lack of spontaneity on Sunday was striking. — from TV Watch: For President, Five Programs, One Message / NYT.

And that was Obama’s fault?

I thought the beauty of the NYT collage was to illustrate how a.) these inside-the-beltway softball pitchers might as well be clones, and b.) yes he can dump FOX and quit pandering to the right without much discernible downside.

(images: Pete Souza/White House)

  • Serr 8d

    “inside-the-beltway softball pitchers”
    “dump FOX”
    So, you prefer our PRESIDENT be asked softball questions? Why?
    Irony is when your statements prove the opposite of what you think they mean, and serve to illustrate your devotion to your narrative.
    That’s why I come here.
    Carry on!

  • Julia Grey

    Actually, Serr8d, he was making 2 different points sequentially. First, the photo collage illustrates that those network news duds are all essentially alike, and second, that there are five of them, meaning that FOX is outnumbered and can be safely ignored.
    Noting that they are all alike does not mean that he LIKES them (or their softballism), and noting that FOX has less influence than the aggregate gaggle is not an endorsement of the gaggle.
    Understand now?

  • Rafael

    Err, miss it by a mile. It’s a critic of the media, Fox, and the President all neatly rolled into one.

  • La Cabeza

    Michael, did you intend to switch their first names or do you mean to imply that they’re all interchangeable. Frankly, that works for me.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Whoops, forgot Jorge Gregory and David King!

  • Wordsmith

    Hmmm – they’re alll …. ‘white.’ Doesn’t that color it somewhat?
    (Sometimes I just crack myself up.)

  • jtfromBC

    Instructions, press hard you are making six copies !
    Send original document to future Obama Library and a copy to The Guinness Book of World Records.

  • Tena

    I’m laughing and crying at the same time. I seem to recall a couple of short weeks ago a lot of the media were asking where is Obama? Why isn’t he out here trying to control the message? The minute it was known that he was going to do these shows, the media did a complete 180 and decided that he is overexposed.
    This has been the pattern all along. It’s subtle, but Obama manages to get the blame for just about everything.

  • nightbird

    My thoughts exactly, Tena. It is exasperating if not exhausting… big sigh.

  • ken krayeske

    Wait – they’re not all alike – David Stephanopoulos has jet black hair.
    And only three wore white shirts, while two appear to have worn either blue or blue and white striped shirts…and since we can only see two ties, I might imagine that their neckwear certainly differentiates their journamalistic prowess.

  • tehran

    this picture illustrates how the white man (even of Latin variety) is always the face and in control of the language and message between those in power and the people. can a brotha get some???

  • Molly

    Note the chin on hand pose of two of them. I think it is revealing. They are playing a role. What I appreciate about our President is that he comprehends this and just plows ahead with his message.

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