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September 30, 2009

Finally, Evidence of a Death Panel

Schumer public option.jpg

Props to the NYT for this still image capturing yesterday’s Senate Finance Committee death of the public option.

…And props too for the blunt visual not just offering a counterpoint, but sticking a fork in yesterday’s cable version of Sen. Schumer playing pollyanna by spinning the defeat as some kind of strategic victory.

So yeah, bring on the frustration, if not real anguish over majority spinelessness. And yes, show us how the empty and overstuffed power chairs cut off the heads of still animate staff people (except the two sliced by Shumer’s own arm and shoulder). And yeah, let’s see the documents, and whatever else is “really on the table,” in a telling blur. And certainly, show us deliberative hands (a gold bracelet tossed in for good measure?) devoid of bodily connection and recognizable ownership.

Yes, thanks. Thanks for the view (if only manifest for a slice of a second) of yesterday’s bad news, and of the whole badly compromised dance around true health care reform, without the finesse.

(image:Luke Sharrett/The New York Times. September 29, 2009)

  • Tena

    * Kate Pickert on why the public option still isn’t dead.
    * Senator Tom Harkin on why the public option still isn’t dead.
    * Senator Chuck Grassley on why the public option still isn’t dead.
    * A nice primer on “reconciliation.”
    The embedded links didn’t come with the cut and paste, but they are in the original post at Plumline. O ye of little faith and little endurance. ;) “It ain’t over til the fat lady sings and that bitch got a whole lot of weight to gain. (and you can call me by my new name: Featuring Lil Wayne.”)

  • Technomage

    I wonder what it’s going to take to get the Dems to stop thinking about 60 and focus on 51? To hell with 60, the GOP ran the show without 60. Force a vote and MAKE the GOP and Dem holdouts filibuster it on the floor!
    If Schumer really wants passage, then the Dems ought to do targeted polling in states where Blue Dogs are holding seats. The Arkansas poll was an eye-opener to me. 47% of all voters wanted a Public Option, but when the poll broke it down by R, D, and I, the numbers where striking different. Dems and Independents were polling closer to 75- 85% in favor. With polls like that, I would be encouraged to vote yes.
    But, there’s always the lobbying factor. It would be interesting to see how much Pharma and Insurance money some of these “spineless” holdouts are getting.

  • jtfromBC

    The Committee Chairman (Capo) Max Baucus receives millions in protection – Corporate Health Care – money, how could he possibly vote for a Public Option ?
    What a joke, that pencil prop suggesting that something significant might be added or erased – this definitely is a Death Panel for the many and a bonanza for the few – this could be an undercover photo of a Mafia meeting except that the Mafia don’t require name plates or buildings with granite walls. Political protocol suggests that red thing is a cup or a water bottle, for our straight shooting underworld officials having a red rose would not be out of place. The paper looks ghostly, the books and computers give a sense of gravity. The Mafia know a paper free meeting makes for better deals. I suspect some of our elected officials have made some big deals that way too.
    This meeting is primarily a sham and a charade.
    My 5 yr son was happy being called a second winner when he didn’t come first until he figured out what that meant. How old is Sen Schumer ?
    Why was Tommy Douglas voted the Greatest Canadian ? –yep you guessed it, eh !

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