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August 8, 2009

Wingers "Speaking Out"


A week after these incidents began, I’m glad to see the NYT finally documenting organized right wing efforts to subvert public health care forums.

Beware, however, the instinct to soft peddle these efforts as evidenced by the caption above. Mr. Thompson, with his face screwed up and his finger jutting menacingly at this meeting with Rep. Dingell is not “speaking out.” What he’s doing is raging.

And then, I hope that’s not his kid—-

Update 12:50 am PST: Why do people follow this site as much for the comments as the posts themselves? From the discussion thread below, BAGreader vicki catches still one more element. She writes:

In the background is that photo of Obama with the little Hitler moustache. I guess the NYT failed to document that?

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