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August 8, 2009

Sotomayor Confirmed: Hip-Hop Hooray!


Sometimes a wall is just a wall and a wave is just a wave. Still, I had some questions about yesterday’s NYT front page pic.

Specifically, I’m wondering how much cultural and racial loading there is in juxtaposing America’s first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice with a tag spray-painted on the wall outside her apartment building while also capturing her wave so it looks like a hip-hop gesture?

(Props: Pete Martin)

(image: Robert Stolarik for The New York Times. Story.)

  • Karen H.

    And, of course, an aggrieved white guy left behind her. Maybe he owns the wall…

  • gryphon

    that ‘may’ have been the nicest smile and pose out of the bunch they had to choose from. even so I might have given her a warmer welcome on my newspapers pages if I wasn’t a jerkwad editor executing his marching orders from higher ups..
    heaven forbid she ever walk, jog or drive by ANY famous chain restaurants that sell south of the border fare. the media will WAIL about her OBSESSION with tacos and that makes baby jeebus cry.

  • JayDenver

    Clicking on the NYT story link above takes you to the NY Times website and an “uncropped” version of the photo which includes two more figures, both women. Somehow this seems to soften the impact of the point regarding the “hip hop” wave and the tagged wall. Or, is that just my imagination? What do you think?

  • yg


  • yg

    sorry, i wasn’t being insulting or discounting your argument. i’m sure what you suggest is true, that there are people, no matter the context, will read sotomayor in very racist and bigoted ways. it’s just the idea that sets her up as some sort of gangsta rapper or gangbanger is so absurd to me, it made me laugh.

  • Diferencia

    With so many images of Justice Sotomayor out there, including the moment when Justice Roberts swore her in (and her mother was holding the Bible), the question becomes why Bag chose this picture and not others. An unimaginative choice, I’m afraid, that is out of character with its otherwise though-provoking record.

  • asdadf


  • asdadf

    I love how you people read into things that are likely not true… God you have the best imaginations for many shtuff up.

  • asdadf

    Oh you can’t have that, it might tell a whole different story — then you can rag on the “white guy”.
    Sounds like 5th grade bullying to me.

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