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August 6, 2009

Noble Savage


What is it with the bemused treatment of the right wing radical fringe?

The New Yorker article and the illustration paint Michael Savage more like a cranky uncle (anyone see some Cronkite, here?) with gentle and tired eyes, tousled hair — and quiet) than the bilious and raging media personality he is.

(illustration: Phillip Burke/New Yorker. Article abstract. Registration required for full text.)

  • chachabowl

    First thing I noticed was the blood(?)on the hands.

  • DennisQ

    Michael Savage isn’t your cranky old uncle yet, but he’s getting there. He’ll certainly be one in the next phase of his life, one that is rapidly approaching. Do young people listen to any of these AM radio pundits?
    Conservatism was dead before Bush left office. His fear-mongering prevented a less jarring transition to the liberal philosophy that now prevails. Nobody self-identifies as conservative any more, except entertainers and loony old uncles – and those groups are converging.
    The New Yorker often recognizes trends before the rest of us do. Michael Savage has been out in the sun a little too long. That might explain his curious squint in the drawing.

  • Victor F

    In this caricature, he looks a little smug to me, as if there’s nothing that can touch him no matter what he says. His sidewards glance is a little conspiratorial, like there’s some third person in the room who is “in on the joke.”

  • Jeff

    He looks like a red-faced balloon full of bile.

  • pjbravo
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