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August 29, 2009

Memorial Politics: Yes We Can

Kennedy memorial Obama.jpg

I’m sure the closing segment of the Ken Burns video retrospective at Friday’s Kennedy memorial service did nothing to warm GOP hearts. Concluding with scenes of Kennedy campaigning with and for Obama, the CNN camera panned out so that the sequences on screen were juxtaposed with Kennedy’s coffin — as you see above.

Whether or not Obama’s eulogy at the Kennedy funeral on Saturday particularly delves into the Senator’s long-standing commitment to universal health coverage, it’s impossible to expect (and foolish to protest) that Teddy — in death, in memory and in pictures — would somehow suddenly relinquish his identity as an advocate.

(image: Charles Dharapak/A.P. caption: An image of Sen. Ted Kennedy and President Barack Obama, part of a film produced by Ken Burns, is projected over the coffin of Sen. Edward Kennedy during a Celebration of Life Memorial Service at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, Friday, Aug. 28, 2009 in Boston.

  • Tena

    “it’s impossible to expect (and foolish to protest) that Teddy — in death, in memory and in pictures — would somehow suddenly relinquish his identity as an advocate.”
    Yes, but they are falling all over themselves to say differently. From Orin Hatch, at the Memorial Service, to George Stephanophoulos, they are busy spinning history into a different story, one where Ted Kennedy was the Great Compromiser, which is a crock of shit. The Kennedys may well have been the last wealthy family in America who actually believed that to those whom much are given, much is asked, and tried to live up to it. There don’t seem to be any more Roosevelts and Kennedys – people with great wealth who go to war against their own class for the common good.
    The rich today in America do not care one bit.

  • Molly

    How can any health care reform that is now passed NOT bear Kennedy’s stamp if not name?
    Look where the respective eyes of each person are looking in the video above.

  • Kitt

    I heard Patrick Kennedy say in his eulogy today that Ted Kennedy said to never compromise your values. I’ll have to find the exact few lines I heard.

  • Kitt

    Didn’t find what I wanted; I did find this at Talk Left:
    “…. long ago learned that you have to be a realist as you pursue your ideals. But whatever the compromises, there are several elements that are essential to any health-reform plan worthy of the name.
    . . . To accomplish all of this, we have to cut the costs of health care. . . . [O]ne of the most controversial features of reform is one of the most vital. It’s been called the “public plan.” . . . This will foster competition in pricing and services. It will be a safety net, giving Americans a place to go when they can’t find or afford private insurance, and it’s critical to holding costs down for everyone.”

    There’s a link at Talk Left to the article Ted Kennedy authored in Newsweek, and published in July of this year. I’d post that as well, just not sure how many links are allowable in one ‘post.’

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