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August 6, 2009

Fairey’s “Obama So Far”

Obama RS Fairey.jpg

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I’m wondering if Shepard Fairey’s illustration on the Rolling Stone cover — an update on HOPE — actually represents a sense of disappointment and a subtle dig.

Surely Obama would take offense at “too easily,” especially the way it makes “compromise” sound like capitulation. (I’d imagine Obama saying he strives for “consensus” and that there’s nothing easy about it.) And then, given the media’s preoccupation with celebrity, did Fairey render the stakes here as having less to do with the public good than with the fate of a halo?

Here are Fairy’s comments on the illustration, by the way, including his reference to Gilbert Stuart’s painting as inspiration.

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  • ui

    Talk about multiple mixed messages – he bases it on George Washington and then uses a halo affect with two opposing viewpoints in the halo. Whew.
    I think it about reflects where we are right now. It’s August and it’s the eve of the August recess and everything is in flux and no one is quite sure what is happening. Nothing has coalesced, yet. The right has rushed into this moment and filled it up with more noise, so the waters are even further muddied.
    By fall I expect things to come together – and I’m betting they do.

  • Blue Shark

    My biggest Take-away here is O is not smiling.
    …Whenever Obama smiles it looks like he is having fun, and that sorta leads to the perception that the process of hope is well and in action.
    …With this dour look, the connotation is that shit is not going well. That plays into the “hes in trouble” MSM story line.
    …Seven Months in and tremendous progress on so many fronts has been made, but that news doesn’t seep through the wing-nut media filter.
    …Note to artist: Have Barack smile = all things are possible.

  • yg

    there is that joker white mask again.
    after putting up with 8 years of bush presented and festooned with symbols of (faux) legitimacy, seeing obama likewise halosized is like nails on chalkboard.

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