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August 10, 2009

A Little Fire in California


What prison riot?

5,900 men but designed for 3,000. 1,300 inmates involved. Statewide lock-down. And this was the only newswire image I could find.

News video 1, 2 (sorry for branding/secondary source on #2).

(image: AP via

  • Tena

    Our prison system is probably the least civilized thing about us. It’s brutal, it’s breaking down under the stress of so many inmates (stop the insane drug war that was a farce to start with, please!) and every step we’ve taken over the last 25 years or so has been in the wrong direction. We underwent a sea change about 25 years ago: the underlying basis of our system of criminal justice shifted radically from rehabilitation/prevention to vengeance.
    The Rule of Law is bleeding to death and it has been for years now. It’s probably on life support right now.

  • bystander

    Yep. Amazing, isn’t it? Or, not. You see, we have this image of ourselves to uphold. When our “press” doesn’t match our self-image… Well, this how it goes. Coffins returning from the middle east? Photographs documenting torture? The results of drone attacks in Af-Pac? How about those marches against the war in Iraq? Or, the police response to the RNC peaceful demonstrations? Have the major news wires carried any of these images… or, have I become so divorced from trad media that all my mental recollections are from some amateur’s YouTube video?

  • Jeff

    Call your local FOX affiliate and lie, ask about the prison riot between Muslim nationalists and Mexican “illegals”.
    They’ll have a satellite truck down there in an hour.

  • John M

    I searched for an image yesterday as well. and all I could find was the one you have posted. It was at the Iranian news agency Press TV.

  • yg

    anything that raises the specter for the need to raise taxes in order to responsibly address the problem, gets hidden away like a crazy uncle. the gropernator talked about the need for “shared sacrifice” in order to tackle the budget crisis. the only people made to sacrifice were the poor and the middle class. the rich were spared from getting gutted with a huntin’ knive.

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