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July 29, 2009

Your Turn: Newsweek Calls the Recession


Besides having just scored the kind of publicity money can’t buy, I was interested in your thoughts on Newsweek’s symbolism (including the twist on a party balloon or “over-exuberance” bubble) as well as audacity.

Newsweek story.

(cover illustration: still looking)

  • bystander

    Far be it from me to defend any corner of the trad media, but I find this cover pitch perfect. It comports perfectly with what I understand to be the state of our economy.
    Wall street’s situation has stabilized somewhat, but without meaningful regulation or oversight, the conditions are ripe for the formation of another bubble that could be even more devastating than the last when it bursts. [helium balloon floating in a wide open sky without a cloud in sight]
    And, from what I understand the circumstances in which this bubble will form make it even more fragile and susceptible to bursting. [a nice little pin prick will do]
    Meanwhile, We the People aren’t even part of the recovery (see unemployment numbers, and the conditions in CA coming soon to a state near you). [the little asterisk off in the corner]
    Many individual households won’t recover by the time the next bubble bursts. [Good Luck, indeed]
    If there is audacity in this cover, imho, it’s the audacity to paint the picture as it really is. Now, that would be a major departure for our current media.

  • Gasho

    Bystander – you have it right.
    The first impression is of the balloon, then the asterisk, then the pin. Once you get to the pin (in all of .6 seconds), the party is over; you realize that the cover isn’t about espousing the recovery, but exposing the fragility and emptiness of the announcement itself.

  • yg

    unemployment is a lagging indicator. i remember an analyst saying it took 2 years for job growth to return again after the last recession ended under bush. this recession isn’t a normal one in that it has lasted longer and has hit deeper than others. that suggests it will take even longer than 2 years for job growth to return after this recession has ended.
    i suspect newsweek thinks it’s being ironic. i didn’t think of a bubble. placing the statement of a recovery on a ballon is admitting the argument is full of hot air.
    i object to the bad taste of supposedly serious news mag joking about a bad economy. looking at this image you can almost hear someone saying “neener, neener.” it’s not funny, it’s juvenile and strikes me as tone deaf.
    are they trying ape jon stewart, the most trusted man in america, in hopes of shooting for his demographic?

  • OldMayfly

    The balloon is blue–if Obama and the Democrats can’t pull us out of recession/depression for real, then all the blame will go to the Liberals–never mind who drove us over the cliff in the first place.

  • DanM

    …and the pinhead is red

  • OldMayfly

    Ha! Wish I had noticed that. How apt.

  • Greybeard

    The ’stimulus’ has kicked in and umemployemnt is under 8%.
    The recession is all a myth. Manchild is in control.
    HA, HA, HA.

  • Greatchandeliers

    I think on that day there is no difference between an American and a zimbabwean.

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