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July 27, 2009

Quitters Ever Prosper

Palin hands over Governorship.jpg

Here’s the money shot from yesterday’s formal quitting ceremony, Palin, in the moment, offering “some straight talk to the media.”

…If you watched the video, seconds later, in a mocking tone appropriating the military to lash out at the press, the queen of the non-sequitur pipes out:

“How ’bout, in honor of the American soldier, ya’ quit makin’ things up.”

By now, that pose is signature, the blood-smelling “six gun” gesture packaged with that cocked head and part-coquettish, part sadist’s smile serving as the visual envelope to deliver, vague and scattershot, another hate-loving threat.

Softening the edges were those corsages that made the Governor’s combination picnic/quitting ceremony (and elevation of the successor) look more like a wedding. The microphone even played a part, the cover dressed up like a duster. That dais seemed to harden things up again, though, the shape and the marble offering something of a tombstone motif.

What to think of that raging arrogance and bravado, though, taking place in shameless juxtaposition to the Alaska state seal, the one signifier (as if reduced for the day to shiny gold bling) that afforded this woman any credibility at all.

(image: Eric Engman/Getty Images. caption: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin delivers her farewell speech as she officially resigns during the annual Governor’s Picnic July 26, 2009 at Pioneer Park in Fairbanks, Alaska. Sean Parnell was sworn in as the new Governor and Craig E. Campbell the new Lieutenant Governor.)

  • dada

    She’s a real mischief-maker, isn’t she?

  • Tena

    Lover her “straight talk” corsage.
    She may be the best walking ad for why corsages are usually confined to homecoming queens and prom dates.

  • Apple

    She’s gonna come gunnin’ for us with those loaded fingers! “Spiteful” is a word that describes the look in her eyes. Honestly, though, she confounds me because I do not understand what she says.

  • kickstand

    The reason the microphone was “dressed up like a duster” is because it is wearing a wind muff. It’s not unusual for outdoor sound recording.–i-ROD-DEADCAT

  • Lucaites

    Actually, the Seal doesn’t offer her any credibility or legitimacy because she has made a point of distantiating herself from it. After all, statist politics
    is part of “politics as usual,” and she says that this is what she is avoiding (notwithstanding violating her oath to office by stepping down simply because
    the job got too hard). My question, and it really has nothing to do with the picture, is how will she be able to make a case for public office in the future
    if she (a) rejects “politics as usual,” and now can’t even make a case for having succesfully served in office (except for that stint as Mayor).
    Something really fishy is going on here. Just don’t quite know what.

  • dada

    What is going on with her jaw?

  • Johanna

    Can we have a little honesty about her? It was not a non sequitur. What immediately preceded it was something like this: you in the media have the most important job in the world….etc. etc…….you bring information to the public that lets our democracy function. Soldiers are dying out there for your right to do that, to speak freely, and then the phrase you extracted “so how ’bout, in honor of the soldiers….” and so on.

  • g

    The transcript of her speech is hilarious. The woman truly can’t speak in coherent sentences.

  • thomas

    If she were extremely intelligent she would be Dick Cheney.

  • yg

    How ’bout, in honor of the American soldier, ya’ quit makin’ things up.”
    it took me a while to get over the vulgarity of this. and the way she cooly swims through the many layers of hypocrisy is something else. i don’t know if that indicates a lack of depth or indifference. intellectual contradictions don’t bother her.
    afterwards i realized this statement is defensive driving/working the refs. now any reporting involving her with irregularities or ethics charges, her supporters will automatically assume the reporting to be a lie. ron suskind really hit the nail on the head when he recounted when a conservative bragged they don’t live in the fact-based community. they create their own reality. apparently so.

  • Tena

    you got the look in her eye perfectly – spiteful is it. She really wishes those fingers were loaded.

  • vcInCA

    i don’t have a visual commentary (perhaps easily forgiven, as most above aren’t, and given that it was a vid, with moving greenery backdrop)… but a few thoughts from someone camping for a few weeks (and hence less hardened to or a few weeks away from such stuff): her speech was AGGRAVATING. it was such, in part, b/c it was lashing out at particular things (e.g. media) without particular ‘lashes’ that are ‘fixable’–in essence, it was whipping the whipping boy, without any hope or expectation or goal of improvement of anything, and that is exactly why it was frustrating.. It was also aggravating (to me, since we’re obviously beyond images for this post) b/c of the rhetoric she so successfully (apparent in my msnbc video catch) used, which didn’t, to me, represent much of reality or actual issues or clashes, and instead, more resembeled future debates (duh duh DUH, perhaps, on the 2012 presidential stage?)…
    Her facial images, however, are worth a thousand posts, for what all they may embody, and what we may regret not having seen earlier…

  • joel hanes

    Palin is Dolores Umbridge, minus twenty five years and fifty pounds.
    Her nomination was the final affront that
    caused my economic-conservative-social-liberal
    mother and sister to abandon the Republican Party.
    The Democratic Party should be praying that Palin
    plans a Nixonian return to the national political stage..

  • Mrs. Tarquin Biscuitbarrel

    Dolores Umbridge. Yes. Perfect. $P also needs that fluffy pink cardigan.

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