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July 15, 2009

Obama’s Pitch

Obama First Pitch.jpg

Sure Obama throwing out the first ball at the All Star Game meant something.

With underemployment hovering around 16.5%, Afghanistan getting bloodier by the day, special interests making swiss cheese out of major legislation and baseball being as much metaphor as America’s game, the question of what kind of stuff the new President has; if he can bring it; whether he can work out of a jam; etc. are all there in this All Star act.

Then, one thing to add. Remember this post, offering one of our last looks at Bush before he left office? What I’m concerned about, given the political oxygen Afghanistan is primed to consume, is that our fighting men and women not become wallpaper for Obama too.

(image: Rich Pilling/MLB Photos via Getty Images. 2009 All-Star Game. Busch Stadium. July 14, 2009. St. Louis, Missouri)

  • Lucaites

    First, the throw was not all that impressive. Yes, he did make it to home plate, but really now … I’ve seen Little Leaguers who could make a better throw. So if this is a metaphor for “bringing it” then we are really in big trouble. BUT the more important point is that I seem to remember a somewhat similar kind of picture for President Bush and folks like us (me included) trashing the President for focusing on frivolous issues with people dying in wars, the economy in the toilet, and so on. Here we seem to tip ever so lightly over such topics. Why is that? And note my point here is not why did we trash Bush and we don’t trash President Obama (though my guess is that the final answer will have something to do with that), but why does the issue of “frivolity” become the pivot on which the critique hinges in one case and not the other?

  • jtfromBC

    Pitching for the Empire …
    Take me out with the crowd;
    Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack,
    I don’t care if I never get back.
    Let me root, root, root for the Empire team,
    If we don’t win, it’s a shame.
    For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out,
    At the old Empire game.
    (· · · — — — · · ·)

  • lytom

    I find all the military guards facing the crowd significant.
    Yes, you have to watch, because after all, you do not trust the people.

  • lytom

    Whatever happened to the movement for peace?
    Anti war movement
    United for peace and others?
    The protests have died out…
    Facebook, twitters, wow what a replacement!
    Human rights issues? will not be important until before the elections when some politicians will use the issues for a change to get those dissatisfied to vote for them.
    How about some accountability? Obama is now responsible for the killing in Afghanistan.
    Obama is now responsible for Guantanamo stalemate.
    Obama is now responsible for putting advisers in the streets of Iraq with machine guns – so there is no “occupation” issue… amazing how media and all the peace movement collaborate.

  • Molly

    The first black president who has been compared to Lincoln and Kennedy probably shouldn’t trust the people. I don’t. I pray every night for his safety. I’ve never done that for any president.

  • Tena

    Sadly, I agree.
    I didn’t always feel that way but there are too many people saying things publicly that I cannot believe, given our history. It’s just gotten vicious out there since Obama began to win and then became president, and this country scares me. I’ve seen our liberal leaders killed, one after another. I don’t trust the people either; not a lot of them, not anymore.
    I worry about his safety constantly – and I’ve never done that for any president before. I worry about all of them. All the time. And that’s just the saddest statement about this country I think I might be able to make. For me it exposes the lie at the heart of this Shining City exceptionalism we tout. We are violent people – some of the most violent people on this planet. We are shockingly violent – the only other countries that have assassinated leaders right and left like we have are not 1st world countries. We are not exceptional – we are horribly murderous as a society.

  • yg

    while it’s better than golf, still feels pointless.
    boys will be boys. this is the kind of imaging we get when the top tier advisors are all male.

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