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July 9, 2009

Iran Again: New Pictures … And Echoes

Tehran V.jpg

I’m going through the new and sudden burst of images from today’s Tehran unrest. Tell me this doesn’t resonate because the woman/the photo evokes Neda Agha-Soltan, the woman and martyr of the contested-election demonstrations who died with her eyes open?

…In this photo from Turkey, we see that the analogy and the identification is more than incidental.

(image: labeled “Getty Images.”caption: An Iranian woman holds her hands in the air and makes V signs as she protests in the streets on July 9, 2009 in Tehran, Iran. Following the recently disputed presidential elections demonstrators were met by force and tear gas rounds fired by Iranian police and Basij as they defyied government warnings to stage a march in commeration of the anniversary of bloody student unrest in 1999 at Tehran University.)

  • jtfromBC

    Was Nada an accidental martyr ?
    I do not mean to minimize her tragic death, but before she becomes a contemporary Joan of Arc, its worth studying other sources commenting on her demise, including opinions of our adversaries.
    an excerpt -
    After being stuck in traffic for more than an hour inside a subcompact car with a poorly working air conditioner, Agha-Soltan and the friend decided to get out of the car for some fresh air, a friend of Agha-Soltan’s told CNN after her death.
    The two were near where protesters were chanting in opposition to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
    Agha-Soltan, wearing a baseball cap over a black scarf, a black shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes, did not appear to be chanting and seemed to be observing the demonstration.
    Suddenly, Agha-Soltan was on the ground — felled by a gunshot wound to the chest. Several men knelt by her side and put pressure on her chest in an attempt to stop the bleeding…/ahmadinejad-nadas-death-is-suspicious/

  • Michaeldg

    Just because she may have not been a strident protester does not lesson the significance of her murder. Neither passerby nor peaceful protesters should be shot while in the street. Brings to mind the Kent State shootings when two of the four students who were killed by the National Guard (William Schroeder and Sandra Scheuer) were not taking part in the protests, but walking to class far from the protesters when they were cut down.

  • Jason

    The thing I love about this shot is that the material she might wear to cover her hair and face could be used to protect the identity of a protester or to show modesty before God. She’s covered either way. Courage!

  • Diggitt

    I’m not going off on a Kent State rant, but I think KSU is a fine analogy: weak or no threat, lethal response.
    Four students dead in O-HI-O: Jeffrey Miller, 270 feet from the Guard. Allison Krause, 330 feet. William Schroeder, 390 feet. Sandra Scheuer, 390 feet.
    Nine students wounded: Joseph Lewis, 60 feet; giving the Guard the finger. Thomas Grace, 60 feet. John Cleary, 100 feet. Alan Canfora, 225 feet. Dean Kahler, 300 feet, left permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Douglas Wrentmore, 330 feet. James Russell, 375 feet. Robert Stamps, 500 feet. Donald Mackenzie, 750 feet.
    The Guards’ excuse was that the students threatened them. The closest student to be hit was giving them the finger. Internet sources don’t agree on who, of the four, was doing what, but none were actively involved in the demo, and one of the guys was in ROTC.
    The preferred weapon of the demonstrators was thrown rocks. So far as anyone has ever alleged, none of the dead were candidates for big league baseball and couldn’t have been threatening the Guard.
    The Kent State students died because of weak management and bad training. Yes, they were martyrs, because the idiotic way government was managing the war (and by extension, a local demonstration) was part of the issue. Nada did not have to be out on the front lines to be a martyr. In fact, the fact that she was a passer-by is one of the things that makes her a martyr, because it shows the ruthlessness of the government that killed her.

  • Tena

    Why isn’t it more or less inevitable that Neda’s death would become a symbol of the entire uprising? Look at the pictures – look at the young women involved in this continuing protest all around the middle east and the world. Look at this picture – the entire thing has been focused on the women involved and there are very good reasons for that – women in repressive Muslim regimes have been telling us for years that they want out from under. They can’t look at the rest of the world and not yearn for the same freedom women have elsewhere – not if they’re educated, especially. And there are brilliant, highly educated women, in Iran, and all over the middle east.
    And just to put the finishing touch on it – the women are beautiful and highly photogenic. Iran is known for the beauty of its women – has been since time immemorial. Because it’s true. And what better symbol of courage and human determination is there than a beautiful, courageous young woman fighting for her right to become a fully realized human being?

  • yg
  • yg
  • jtfromBC

    Latin América’s Neda
    The Killing of Isis Oved Murillo
    The differences between coverage and official treatment here in the U.S. of
    the situation in Iran and the situation in Honduras couldn’t be starker.
    Check out this video and see for yourself what most U.S. media and many
    elected officials in the U.S. are mum about. Warning – Video contains
    distressing images Viewer discretion advised

  • jtfromBC

    No comment necessary…
    Honduras: What’s Black and White and Gets the Red Out?

  • yg

    before monday’s demonstration erupted to mark the anniversary of the student uprising that occurred in july 9, 1999, cnn had more coverage of honduras than it did of iran.

  • Tena

    Why is it necessary to clutter up a thread about a picture about Iran with comments about Honduras? Seriously…

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