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July 23, 2009

As If This Puts Birthers To Bed

A copy of Barack Obama's birth cerfiicate circuated in response to right wing "birthers" challenging his citizenship.
  Seeing is believing? Things haven’t been this weird since Terri Schiavo.

via RJ Eskow.

Stewart escalates.

  • Tena

    You know this won’t change it – this has been available for quite some time.
    They think it’s fake or something. And yes, this is as weird, if not quite a bit weirder, than anything else the GOP and the right have come up with. And certainly it’s about as pathetic as an actual political party could come up with to oppose a president.
    But of course, it’s not really that weird when you look at it. This is just racism thinly disguised as something else. What’s happening is that racists are just totally freaked by our president. I’m almost sorry for them that instead of feeling pride in our country and its very real attempts to live up to its ideals, they feel some kind of threat from the whole thing. They’re so out of time and history it’s almost sad. But of course, there’s nothing sad about the hate and hysteria and frothing lunatic nonsense they are stirring up.
    It’s silly, but it could end quite seriously if this trend is allowed to continue. I can’t’ believe that the birthers and their allies are allowed to continually say the things they say publicly that are calls to violently do something about this administration. It’s usually the silly shit that ends up getting someone hurt.

  • elfpix

    “Hey, man. That doesn’t look like mine. Mine has a frilly border around it, looks like a real certificate. And it’s signed by the doc, too.”
    Sure, there’s an overtone of bigotry in this, and there’s a deep unwillingness to be logical. But for 35 years critical thinking has not been taught in the public school, and in fact the schools have been overwhelmed by the demands on them for such a long time and for so many people that we can hardly be surprised that people’s unwillingness to believe that this object is the authentic item is so widespread.

  • Stan B.

    Sure, you can produce all the official documentation you want- but how do you dispute irrefutable hearsay!?!

  • Progressive Mom

    Hey, like they say: are you going to believe Hannity and Dobbs, or your lying eyes?

  • Paul_D

    Disputing the legitimacy of the document is a lot easier than a rational debate about policy, so what the heck? You don’t exactly have the MENSA hall of fame behind this movement.

  • Glarg

    Liddy kept saying on Hardball that this wasn’t a birth certificate but a “certificate of birth” – this is real whack-job stuff.
    This reminds me of all the lies from the last 8 years, staggering denial of obvious reality. It’s frustrating that anyone (much less a majority of the electoral college) ever buys in to this bull.

  • The stupid, it burns

    As far as I can tell, it’s NOT his race, it’s his middle name.
    “Hussein” = Muslin = Terrist = Furiner ≠ American

  • Tena

    I was rolling on the floor laughing. Every single birth certificate I’ve ever seen and I have a seen a few, were titled: Certificate of Live Birth.
    That’s what a birth certificate is for the love of god.
    Liddy never looked so pathetic as he did with Tweety grilling him over this. I don’t know when schadenfreude has been so sweet, at least since W’s helicopter took off and he left DC to hundreds of thousands of people booing and spontaneously breaking into “na na na, hey hey hey, good bye!”

  • g

    And why do the birthers keep saying “he” – meaning Obama should “release” it? Like Obama is empowered to withhold a document in the archives of the state of Hawaii?
    FWIW, my birth certificate from Pennsylvania looks exactly the same.

  • gmoke

    I don’t know, the kerning looks off.

  • yg

    i liked this take:

    Barack Obama and Henry Gates have a few things in common, but one of them is that no matter what proof of identity they show, some white guy won’t believe them.

    i wonder if this corollary can be drawn. there is the obvious racial factor, but i also wonder if people who have a propensity to lie are the sames one who are the most distrustful. in the same way that greedy corporatists who are masterful at playing all the angles are the same ones who accuse social programs of being nothing but a fraud.

  • cherish

    Hmmm, maybe we should start a web site, — And see how many BCs from all over the country say “Certificate of Live Birth.”
    I’d especially like to see other BCs from people born in Honolulu in 1961.

  • legalpad

    Two questions for you all, then:
    1. What was the name of the Hospital?
    2. Who was the attending physician?
    Both are ingredients of any true birth certificate, which is a signed attestation to a fact (the birth itself) made by a person with first hand knowledge at or near the time of the event. This is what defines an authenticated record.
    With the COLB you posted here, we have NO such certification by anyone. No one signed the document. The exact situs of birth is not identified. The attending physician who delivered the baby is not identified, and that is the person who would “certify” the birth by signing the B/C. Hawaii law permits a Hawaii B/C to be issued even if the baby was born outside Hawaii. Unless and until we see the original long form B/C, legitimate questions will remain unanswered.
    Consider this also: the COLB which you post was first created in June 2007, not in 1961 at birth. That fact alone prevents it from being a “certificate” proving the details of the birth event. Let’s see the document that existed between 1961 and 2007. One must exist. Can you think of a single legitimate reason, given the stakes involved, why Obama would not simply release it? I can’t.
    Now, go back and answer my two questions and post your answers here for everyone to read.

  • Sarah Deere

    We all need to send our prez a happy birthday email next Tuesday. IMHO.

  • davidfarrar

    And now, 4 years later, and with the publican of Obama long form birth certificate, we are still no closer to proving Obama birth date and place.

    Yes, Obama’s long for birth certificate has the place where the HDOH records show he was born, and the doctors name, but the document itself offers us no independent, corroborative evidence to such an event happening. In other words, even Obama’s long form birth certificate has no probative value, just like his COLB. Both documents are meaningless as instruments of unassailable proof of Obama ’s date of birth and place.

    ex animo

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