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July 3, 2009

Arnold Watch: Oh Captain, My Captain

Arnold CA families.jpg

The beauty of Getty photographer John Moore’s image of Schwarzenegger’s press conference/photo op as he blasts the legislature while upping state worker furloughs and issuing tax refund, bank and vendor IOU’s?

…Yes, what about the children?

(The NYT piece has another Moore image, this one conveying an even more disconcerting picture of the flanking “California families” (re: props) — and the people’s confidence in the Terminator.)

(John Moore/Getty Images)

  • donna

    Arnold doesn’t give a crap.
    About any of us. Just his yacht party buddies….

  • Wisewebwoman

    What? Me worry?

  • Maren

    The look on each of the children’s faces pretty much sums it up: they are terrified – symbolically terrified, as the status of every person or business asked to accept California’s funny money. The state is adrift and they might as well be issuing tiddly-winks as coinage. That must be so scary for them.
    “In evaluating potential registered warrant acceptance, banks have been advised by regulatory authorities to consider such issues as credit quality, capital requirements and concentration limits,” the bankers’ association president, Rod Brown, said in a statement. “Given the poor credit rating of California, the worst in the nation, banks may be hesitant to extend credit to the state.”

  • Maren

    coda: my comment and the quote refer the article and picture from the above NYT’s piece.

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