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June 4, 2009

Your Turn: Scott Roeder, Closed Circuit


I’m interested in your reaction to this image, a still taken during a court appearance to establish murder charges conducted via closed-circuit from jail.

I thought about the wood paneling compared to those white, block walls; running electricity; how the “cool” medium of television doesn’t mute my anger. The caption reads:

Scott Roeder, 51, was ordered held without bail at his Wichita, Kan., hearing Tuesday. He is charged with murder and aggravated assault for allegedly killing abortion provider George Tiller, 67, with a single gunshot as the doctor handed out programs Sunday at church. If convicted, Mr. Roeder would face a mandatory life sentence and would not be eligible for parole for at least 25 years.

(image: KSN TV/Reuters)

  • M Selk

    1. What do we do with crazy people in this county?
    2. How can we control the insane “free speech” of lunatics like Bill O’Reilly who incite crazy people to this type of action.

  • Stella

    I share the rage of all sentient and mature people toward the acts of this ‘man.’ But the angle of this photo makes him look like a child to me. My questions would be “how do we help people grow up in America?” and “When do we stop allowing lunatics access to guns?”

  • Withnail

    I wonder why he had to be separated from the court? Is he so much of a monster that he needs to be locked away just to stand trial?
    I wonder what this does for the sense of fair and balanced justice in this country – do our criminals need to be permanently separate from the judges and juries?

  • echo

    Withnail said…
    I dont think this is a court proceeding per se.
    He is in an interrogation room.
    They used to watch through 2 way mirrors.
    Now its cctv.
    My first impression :
    This guy is Cliff Claven from Cheers.
    Talk about the banality of evil.

  • ids

    1st impression- the image is tilted, he’s not looking at the camera within the camera. The lighting reveals it’s either a homemade movie, or he’s in deep doo-doo. The isolation like Jesus alone on the cross, facing his accusers, the lives of millions of fetuses on his mind, who if living would be solving the economic downturn with added consumption (do the multiplication), and what that loss means to the world. Kids are getting gunned down on their porches while jump roping by gangbangers who can’t shoot straight, and what’s their motives? Money, fame, and fortune, adrenaline? There’s lots of outrage to go around, praying for all who’ve gone through it, this abortion craze is just another sympton of a culture gone mad and should be seen as nothing more. Tho if it’s about state’s rights and civil war, then it’s more relevant.

  • yg

    why isn’t he in shackles?

  • Marie

    Only 25 years until possible parole??!
    Looks like he doesn’t quite know how to stand or where to put his hands. He can’t slouch back as in conversation, he can’t lean (much) forward on the table, it might feel odd to stand too stiffly. He’s having to answer to someone he can’t stand close to, can’t find a comfortable distance for conversation. He looks surprisingly banal and awkward.
    The room looks very stark and unforgiving, and the angle of the baseboards seem to put him in a corner.

  • Russ Nichols

    Is it the photo or is it just me? He just looks like an arrogant son of a bitch to me. Something about the angle of his head. I know he’s arrogant because he thought it was his job, via whatever voices play out in his head, to end the life of someone who has dedicated his life to helping women. It’s the same kind of arrogance that drives a guy to cancel out millions of votes and hopes and dreams with a single well-placed slug.

  • Buskertype

    He looks like he’s on his knees, in a corner, about to recieve some enhanced interrogation.
    Maybe kneeling on a prayer rug.

  • snazzy

    Frame tilted on angle, he’s blurred and in a corner, twice. Hmm, sure seems to emphasize the lone-nut MSM meme, as opposed to be part of an orchestrated and dangerous radical fundamentalist right. MSM says he’s not a terrorist (though he is).

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