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June 19, 2009

White House On Deck

Hawk White House.jpg

After doing his thing on Friday both in the White House grand foyer and here in the Old Executive Office Building, Tony Hawk then got the word and the pics out on Twitter.

Beyond reinforcing Obama policies of keeping it chill and throwing open the doors, Hawk — looking to having the run of the place, while also seeming to head toward the open door — takes just another cut at the Grand Canyon-size gap between the street and the halls of power.

(image: Tony Hawk TwitPics)

  • elfpix

    Who’s Tony Hawk and why is this good for the parquet floors?

  • Julia Grey

    Tony Hawk is a professional skate-boarder. It’s not necessarily “good” for the floor, but unlikely to do any kind of permanent damage.
    Lighten up!

  • Diggitt

    Those are marble floors anyway. Most of the offices and rooms have parquet floors.
    Eisenhower had a putting green off the oval office, so he often wore golf shoes when he was there. O)f course, they damaged the parquet floor (which had been replaced in the late 40s when the entire White House was rebuilt anyway). The Republican National Committee got its hands on the damaged flooring when it was replaced and sold it piece-by-piece as a fundraiser.

  • Tena

    Something tells me that the custodians and caretakers of the White House are cautious about what they let people do there and I doubt they’d let him do that if there was a problem with it.
    But I just knew someone was going to post a comment about skateboarding on the floor. It was a given.

  • zatopa

    Plan on seeing this image on the kind of blogs that like to growl about Obama’s “locker room atmosphere.”

  • yg

    i don’t understand this choice.

  • acer

    wow, you people must be old….

  • yg

    how is it a good photograph? does it move you? does it tell you something new you didn’t know before?

  • acer

    It’s not the analysis of the photo I was commenting on…it was ‘get off my lawn’ tone of the first few posters…
    However, a cursory analysis would lead me to think that Obamas hold on the youth vote is escaping him, heading for the door based on his failure to follow through on some of his progressive promises made during the campaign, he still has a chance to call him (that block of voters) back, but time is running out denoted by the length of the hallway and the remaining distance left until the door is reached.

  • Sean

    Would bush even know who tony hawk is? and then let him into the white house . Obama was a teacher , some of his students probably skated .

  • yg

    but time is running out denoted by the length of the hallway and the remaining distance left until the door is reached.
    obama still has time. it’s only 5 months in. where are they going to go to? the wasilla hillbilly? 2012 should be interesting to see how many 3rd party candidates make a bid.

  • Rima

    Tony Hawk is 41 years old. Isn’t it time to grow up and give the skateboard to your kid?

  • martin

    wow. Like wow guys. To think I was bannered for irrelevance/irreverance eight months ago. Nope response to my re-instatement request. Awesome! pass the p&eyote buoys…

  • Leighton Hughe

    Something not worth reading >.>

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