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June 16, 2009


obama healthcare.jpg

From a reader, Peter, who writes:

“Lazarus, resurrecting health care, doctors clapping, messianic arms, WOW.”

(image: Doug Mills/New York Times. From: Cost Concerns as Obama Pushes Health Issue)

  • Gasho

    I pray that he can pull it off.
    Somehow, his presidency so far is about Great Expectations followed by disappointment, then a come from behind victory. I still trust him. I think I’m starting to see that he’s good at playing the middle. He’s smarter than me. Watching him lead can be confusing, but with a little patience.. he seems to pull most of it off in the end.
    I hope this healthcare thing works. It would be so wonderful not to worry about all that crap. If he can get the doctors and the medical industry on board here and get this done early – he’s well on the way to having the best presidency ever.

  • acm

    I don’t think it’s Lazarus who does any sort of transitive resurrecting . . .
    (Biblical references for 200, Alex!)

  • DennisQ

    Health care is expensive because doctors are presumed to be male; while nurses are presumed to be female. Both are gendered occupations, in the political sense of gender. High medical costs reflect the burden of maintaining an outmoded status quo. Health care providers should not be divided into he and she like they were fifty years ago. When we get over that particular hurdle, prices will come down.
    There’s really no reason other than genderism that doctors have been allowed to set up a cartel and control in-and-out access to it. If we break through that, more providers will be allowed to practice medicine, bringing more sellers into the market.
    The situation is not as difficult as it’s made out to be. Health care is just too expensive. The issue isn’t who picks up the check; it’s the size of the bill itself. The remedy is straightforward, and implementation can begin immediately. Allow nurse practitioners to prescribe medications that they are now forbidden to prescribe. Health care costs will drop like a fever that responds to medication. Alternatively, we can continue to maintain the practice of medicine as male-gendered, sort of like the Roman Catholic clergy. The difference is that nobody needs priests the way they need doctors.

  • Patrick

    “Hooray for the A.M.A.! And for us doctors, let’s have higher pay”
    -Phil Ochs, “A.M.A. Song”

  • PS: Public Square

    Far from the houses of healing; the cold, hard reflective surfaces and the funereal gray and purple drapes make the AMA conference setting seems like a very dead place. Obama is a warm visual draw in this setting. The repeated AMA logo that circles Obama’s prominent raised figure have a thorn-like quality further reinforcing the heavy visual and text based allusions to Christ. Are we gathered to pay our respects to the once all powerful AMA or to see Obama raise the public option from the dead?

  • spriche

    Doctors are educated people. They’re applauding Obama’s overlying mission of bringing down this cruel, greedy capitalist system and ending this failed experiment in democracy began by racist whites a couple of centuries ago.

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