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June 6, 2009

Mission Cairo: Barack Hussein Obama

Crowley Obama Cairo Sphinx..jpg

If this man — in this interesting NYT photo — might be mistaken for an Egyptian here, what could be better?

from the NYT slideshow: President Obama Speaks in Cairo

(image: Stephen Crowley. June 4, 2009. Giza, Egypt)

  • happiercamel

    Ok so you are improving in optimism, and not as grumpy as before. you are also an attractive blogger so kisses xo!

  • thebewilderness

    The wide angle lens makes him look shorter than he usually does. His posture seems odd. I wonder if he was mugging.

  • Victor F

    Looks like the Sphinx asked him a riddle and the President was all, like, “shucks, that’s easy! Stop wasting my time, I’m a busy man.”
    I apologize. I have the juvenile mind of a cartoonist.
    Juxtaposing Obama with the historical remains of ancient Egypt suggests to me that perhaps this is the beginning of a new phase of American civilization, or at the very least society. The pessimist in me is not so hopeful, however.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    I really did take your comment and nightbird’s to heart. I know you didn’t put it this way but, yes, there is a world of difference between critical and cynical.

  • funkalunatic

    Head pointed completely to the right, but we can still see both legs, but with feet pointed to the right. Arm situated way back. It’s like he’s mimicking how ancient Egyptians depicted themselves in their art. The diagonal boards on the walk remind me of hieroglyphics. I don’t think there’s anything behind this photo other than conflating and pandering to the US public’s exotic stereotypical notions of Egypt and their exotic stereotypical notions of Obama.

  • HubrisSonic

    Dr. Jones. Again we see there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.

  • Nefertihi


  • ids

    I can think of better than the Egyptian slavemaster. He doesn’t look like he’s about to free the slaves. In Cairo, Obama speechified “American, born in revolution fighting an empire” as if 200 years later it could never become Empire.
    Honest Abe admitted the image by photographer Matthew Brady significantly helped elect him president. 1. The only reference to google of “honest & Obama” is questioning O’s honesty. 2. O’d never admit his election was based on image over substance.

  • John M

    Above photo references this painting
    Equating BHO with Napoleon Bonaparte, quite the overt imperialist.
    The picture in question is a bit more critical than the Bag.

  • yg

    might be mistaken for an Egyptian here
    was this meant to link to a peter brookes cartoon about predictions of gordon brown’s demise?
    i don’t get it.

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