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June 3, 2009

Israel, Just How It Reads

Israeli outpost.jpg

This image — in attitude as much as specifics — represents one of Obama’s biggest obstacles as he attempts to reach out to the Arab world today.

It shows a West Bank settler who has moved back into the ruins of Shvut Ami, an illegal Jewish outpost, almost immediately after it was leveled by the Israeli Army last week.

from NYT slideshow: Settlers in the West Bank

(image: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

  • Withnail

    Fanatics. All of them.

  • Ellen Markel

    Just as Israel’s population is 20 per cent Arab, it appears that the new Palestinian state, roughly along the 1967 borders comprising Gaza and the whole of the West Bank, will have many Jewish citizens. Jewish settlers who chose to stay will be Palestinians in a secular state.
    And perhaps that’s a good thing

  • DennisQ

    Imagine an Arab doing the same thing as this settler. He’d be drawn and quartered.

  • elfpix

    Coalition government. What you get when nobody’s really in control.
    Mr. Obama would do well to recognize that Mr. Netanyahu doesn’t hold sufficient power to represent his nation in negotiations, and should speak publically to the Israeli populace about whether it wishes peace or to go on fighting.
    Is this any different than the guy in Wichita?

  • yg

    have you noticed lately israeli officials and pundits using the term “jewish state”? few years ago, if israel was referred to this way, the speaker would have been pounced upon as being anti-semitic. now the term has become fashionable. is this tacit admission that israel is an apartheid state?

    • Astaris

      Exactly the opposite. It was defined by the UN in 1948 as a Jewish state and in the British Mandate as the Jewish National Home. You know, like Britain is British and France is French. It has nothing to do with religion, Israel’s founders were atheists and its elite still is. This PR crap about Israel no longer being defined as the Jewish state started only recently. The Palestinians, including some radical Israeli Arab activists, then made it clear that they see the final status as a 2-state solution – a Muslim-Arab Palestinian state called Palestine and an undefined, nondescript Palestinian state with a lot of Hebrew speakers called Israel. That was when stating the obvious became a necessity again, except that the Palestinian and loony-left lobby had done so well in world public opinion that the reaction was like yg’s above. If anyone would like to read the UN Partition Plan of 1947 and Israel’s Declaration of Independence of 1948, plus a teeny-weeny bit of Middle Eastern history, it should put them right. Yes yg, news flash – Israel is the state of the Jewish people. That’s what the 2000 year plus 150 year endeavour is all about. And Finland is the state of the Finns, Myanmar of the Burmese and China of the Chinese. All these countries have national minorities such as the Israeli Arabs in Israel. These include Israeli Supreme Court justices, national footballers, national beauty queens, government ministers, diplomats – and the recent winner of The Voice Israel, all fluent Hebrew speakers and an integral part of Israeli society.

  • Sheen

    What a stupid picture,a few hundred kilometers from this picture thousands of syrians are being murdered and this is what bothers you all .
    To Ellen ..maybe you have not read that the Palestinians want an area free from Jews .they want an apartheid many Arab countries around israel
    To elfpix ..a coalition government is only possible in a democratic country that even has racist Arabs in its parliament
    To yg ….your statement that israel is an apartheid state is not accurate and insults millions of black south Africans who lived under apartheid……..israel can never be called an apartheid state….Arab judges,Arab police,Arab army, Arab doctors ,Arabs in all walks of life in israel …where is apartheid…

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