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June 20, 2009


Dad in Chief.jpg

Of course, this was the money shot.

I liked the one above better though, Obama not just emphasizing the role of fathers on Father’s Day but actually modeling the role at home in the backyard.

(image: Alex Wong/Getty. caption: U.S. President Barack Obama (R) greets young men from local schools during a South Lawn event at the White House June 19, 2009 in Washington, DC. President Obama held events at the White House to highlight the importance of fatherhood and mentorship to their families and communities)

  • chris

    Love the green shirt!

  • ivyleaves

    I don’t get it. A barbeque with ties???? This is all wrong.
    Also, these guys aren’t fathers, right? So if they are standing in for progeny, where are the daughters? If this is “father” training, then it’s more gender-role stereotyping and gender discrimination. Only men can do some mysterious father thing, I guess.
    Mother’s Day got a proclamation. More male assertion of authority?

  • yg

    on such a momentous day as this, a possible tipping point in history, where iranians are dying for their rights, this is a fitting image, in a way, to display. it inadvertently symbolizes the insular nature of some who couldn’t care less about conflict in far off lands. it’s the stereotypical american who’d rather be off barbecuing, drinking beer and watching sports, guiltlessly enjoying the fruits of their country.
    (not meant as a critique of michael or the president. i’m not assigning to them that attitude, just pointing to the symbolism.)

  • Tena

    Is life in other places supposed to just stop while turmoil reigns in Iran?
    Seriously – are we all supposed to stay home and bite our fingernails, light candles – what?

  • yg

    it wasn’t meant as a knock against you. you have empathy. it’s people who are totally indifferent or even hostile to the protesters – is what gets me.

  • jonst

    Let me know when he decides to lead the fight for health care reform. Real reform.

  • Books Alive

    Obama pep talk on the health care bills is coming up June 24. Next day, HCAN, Health & Justice, plus some union members will demonstrate in Washington, starting about 11:00 a.m. Those making the trip hope for publicity, and have been urged to make appointments to meet with their Congressmen and Congresswomen on Capitol Hill.
    But I agree with you, Obama needs to get out and dispel the fears that seiors have that a public plan will force them to change doctors – that stands out in the NYT-CBS poll just published. 900 were polled, 33% are Very Concerned that they would have to change doctors, and within this, 52% are over age 64. My reason for the importance? Seniors donate to candidates, and they are a large voting block that could be mobilized to support the public plan. I suspect that among seniors there’s a feeling that they don’t want to rock the Medicare boat in any way.

  • Progressive Mom

    The reaction to these and other WH photos — not only here on BAGNews but in other Internet sites — is interesting to me: folks want every WH image to portray their important issue, and only their important issue, 100% of the time. The issue could be the economy, health care, Iran…whatever. In our internet-driven world of all images, all the time, we still have the very human tendency to want our focus to be everyone else’s focus, too. If the image doesn’t give us our focus, we project all our anxiety and sometimes our hate onto what’s happening in the image.
    My father, who was physically not fit for military service, sat at home during WWII, waiting for news and photos of the Pacific theatre, where his brothers were deployed. When the media’s focus was on Europe, he was certain it was because the war in the Pacific was going badly, because the President wasn’t focused enough on Japan, because the U.S. had something to hide……
    We still look at media portrayals the same way.

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