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May 12, 2009

Your Turn: Tuesday Would Have Been His 21st Birthday

Dover remains.jpg

Are these Dover images just getting more creative now that many bodies have returned, or is there more being said here? How do you read Chip Somodevilla’s photo?

(image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. caption: Soldiers carried a flag-draped transfer case containing the remains of United States Army Specialist Omar M. Albrak of Chicago from a C-17 in Dover, Del. Specialist Albrak was killed while serving in Iraq. Tuesday would have been his 21st birthday. From NYT Pictures of the Day, May 12)

  • cope

    Tuesday would have been my son’s 21st birthday as well. He died when he was 17 from an accidental mix of prescription drugs. I share with the parents of this soldier the horrific sense of loss, the inability to ever know “what would have been”, the opportunity to see my/their son grow and blossom. It is the loss of future potential that is so devestating.
    Whoever and where ever these parent are, probably nobody can say as truly as I can “I know how you feel”.
    I know how you feel.

  • kent

    (with no disrespect to the subjects)
    waste issued (discharged) from — passing out of — the tail end of military war machine to the local delivery driver’s white panel truck.
    the two saluters pointed to the machine honor the process not the product.
    every human is being threatened under a poised sword-of-damocles (the two saluters to be crushed under the wing, the coffin escort ready to be smashed by the falling hammer-like tail, the truck saluter angled under the door with the truck leaning over him).

  • Cyranetta

    Not just the returning fallen, but the bearers and saluters are miniscule in scale compared to the machinery of war in an almost completely featureless landscape — the endless horizon of warfare? Even grief is diminished?

  • lck

    spot on!

  • Serr8d

    The distance from the subject is a reflection of the offishness the Left now feels towards returning dead soldiers. Before, they (you) could scream and shout and point at George Bush; there was an agenda to follow, a meme to promote. Then, you would’ve preferred grim closeups, preferably of bloody body parts, garnished with grieving parents (Cindy Sheehan comes to mind: was there ever a better useful idiot for a political party’s hack job?).
    Now, Obama’s the Commander in Chief. The buck stops with Him. So, it’s probably best that you lefties whistle and put hands in pockets. Standoffish photos only, please. And, listen closely for the Left’s continued protests…do you not hear the sound of…crickets?

  • Serr8d

    And, your category: “War on Islam”.
    Really? Then why haven’t we attacked Indonesia or India or Bangladesh or Turkey or Egypt or Nigeria or Algeria or Morocco, since they all have larger Muslim populations than Iraq or Afghanistan?
    We’ve no war with Islam. We’ve a war with terrorists, no matter what religion they hijack.

  • The Tim Channel

    That’s was my guess too.

  • Russ Nichols

    One more dead soldier. For what? What has he accomplished in service to his country? (And this comes from a veteran of the United States Army.) He has died, his family will grieve forever. His young life was cut short. His future forever gone. The big military machine doesn’t care. It’s just another dead soldier. Take him away. And then the big military machine will be on its way. To deliver another dead solder somewhere else, and then another after that…

  • Jerry Holtaway

    Again, without any disrespect, notice the stylized “Dover” eagle “logo” on the plane’s tail fin. Why? Is every element of life today missing something without a bit of the old marketing presence?

  • Jersey Guy

    The gaping hole in back of the van is a void into which this wasted life is being transferred. A void containing all of the possibilities of youth that will never be realized. My heart goes out to the family of yet another victim of Bush’s folly.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Yeah, thanks for the reminder. Now that Bush is out of office, I need to change that category title.

  • lytom

    Now it is done in the daylight, slight change, but there is no need now to fear large protests. The population of the Empire is now happy with the Emperor and is ready to forgive and forget the losses. Enthusiasm for the support of money flow and blood flow is amazing. Lie is a truth and truth is a lie.
    Blaming it on Bush’s folly is making the continuation of the war even greater crime! Don’t you see the US is extending the bloodshed to Pakinstan and flaming the Afghanistan. This is Obama’s doing!
    Folly is the state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense. Folly is too nice a word to use and disrespectful.

  • sdean7855

    An utter waste. Sorry for the non-image related content, but Afghanistan is a land (never yet a country) that hasn’t been conquered, pacified or brought under centralized control in 3000 years. It is utter folly and hubris to think we could somehow bring to pass that outcome

  • janinsanfran

    Exactly my response!

  • d

    From the image (especially looking at the “Dover” logo on the tail) I see the soldier as being left behind. (the plane has a future… it’s engines will flare, and it will rocket off dramatically… leaving the dead soldier in a truck on the tarmac.)
    but i have a very hard time “reading” photographs that have such clear, profound pain in them.
    my condolences to the family of the deceased.

  • ids

    very efficient. In a way, taking the waste reminds me of people picking up their dogs poop.

  • yg

    why aren’t you in iraq?

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