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May 8, 2009

Where Goes The Burger?

Note: If you’re looking for the Biden and Obama “Your Turn” from the burger joint I posted about an hour ago, one second look, it felt way “too edgy” to me. It’s been a long week, one in which I’ve somehow been drawn to edgier material, starting off with Condi’s Stanford encounter on Monday. My first instinct was that the burger shot was a nice, light Fri. pm departure, but then, the “Mantis in Lace” poster, with the girl holding the dagger over Biden’s head … especially after the Edwards post … that, following the “mainlining” post, was just too much. In any case, all this presents a nice opportunity to encourage you to help feed The BAG with your links and takes. You can send to openbag AT bagnews DOT com. Thanks and best!

  • Matthew Platte

    Glad I checked earlier! ;) I thought the shadow of the boom microphone on the wall was creepier than the content of the poster.

  • Serr8d

    You do realize that g00gle reader (and other quality RSS readers) keep whatever you post forever, don’t you? Matters not that you pulled it; if it was up for just a few minutes, and g00gle crawled it, it’s permanent.
    And, it’s not all that ‘edgy’, either.
    If you want to post something, find that image of Air Force One’s flyover of the Statue of Liberty. All I can find are the cheesy 454 px versions. Hell, we paid over $357K for that picture; I want it on my desktop. )

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Ha. Just saw your comment after posting the AF1 photos. So now I’m curious which one goes on your desktop.
    (I also realize the posts get out there. But the way the site flows and goes together is equally important to me.)

  • Serr8d

    Well, the cleaned-up one is nice I think.
    Oh, did you hear that an incompetent Harvard grad is out of the White House, over this photo?
    No, not that one. Another one.

  • eatbees

    Too edgy? WTF? Self-censorship at the BAG?
    Methinks you think about these photos way too much.
    What was interesting about it anyway, if not the knife-wielding harridan?
    It’s only an old movie poster, dude, chill out.

  • Serr8d

    Yeah, chill out. What possibly could be edgy about this?

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)


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