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May 20, 2009

The True Dick

Cheney BBall.jpg

Right off the bat, how unusual is it to see Cheney without either the smirk or that smug little smile?

Credit photographer Evan Vucci and the AP photo editors for bringing us this rare, unguarded look at the former shadow president at the Phillies – Nationals baseball game on Sunday. Sure, the expression could have been because his team was going down, or he wasn’t sure whether or not he left the stove on, or the hot dog didn’t agree with him.

Just as likely, however, is that Vucci captured a rare psychological portrait. Underneath the intense aggression and paranoia, one would reasonably expect to find a mountain of depression.

(image: Evan Vucci/AP. Sunday, May 17, 2009. Washington, D.C.)

  • Sergei Andropov

    What a sad picture. I’m certainly not a fan of Darth Cheney, but this is the most human I’ve ever seen him.

  • elfpix

    You mean Cheney ever relaxes? He must not have known his photo was being taken.

  • Tena

    I don’t think he looks sad – he looks as mean as he is in that picture. He just looks meaner than cat shit – and he is.

  • yg

    it was popular to refer to bush as “smirk” and cheney as “snarl.”
    smirk & snarl.
    unbelievable the level of indifference and apathy americans tolerated from these two.

  • Victor F

    it’s disturbing to look at this man’s face even while he’s not explicitly aware he’s being photographed. His lips are permanently twisted into a duplicitous grimace. Everything about the man’s face is unbalanced. I wonder if he’s forgotten how to genuinely smile? His “smile for the cameras” is nearly as painful in its insincerity as this probably authentic visage of gloom.

  • nenabeans

    I’m not an MD but I play one at home, I think Richard ‘the dick’ has the look of somebody who has ’stroked-out’ a few times.

  • Tena

    “somebody who has ’stroked-out’ a few times.”
    When Jesse Ventura offered to waterboard Cheney, my first thought was that Cheney couldn’t survive that for even 15 seconds. His artificial heart would go nuts – cause that’s what happens that is so bad, from what I’ve read and seen: your heart goes crazy with your brain and starts beating about a thousand times a minute and the organ tries to jump out of your chest.
    Surely he knows that, somewhere in there -

  • Russ Nichols

    Cheney isn’t entirely out of the woods on a war crimes investigation, not just yet, as remote as the possibility might be. There’s something bubbling up in Spain. The torture debate isn’t going away anytime soon in the U.S. Cheney knows what happened to Pinochet. That net Cheney is behind reminds me a little of the bars of a prison, or a chain link fence, it’s Cheney behind a barrier. Wishful thinking, I know, but maybe that expression on Cheney’s face is reflective of fears that his past may finally catch up with him. His media tour seems clearly designed at tainting the jury, just in case.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Glad you mentioned the net. There are other elements here that are interesting, too, especially the fact you can’t tell who Cheney is attending the game with. Also, the caption tells us the game is in Washington. Was DC ( just now realized the parallel with Cheney’s initials, actually) retiring to Wyoming, or is the Capitol really home?

  • Stan B.

    We’ve become so accustomed to the Cheney grimace and scowl that we’ve forgotten what he looks like as his normal, frowning self.

  • DennisQ

    Is this a picture of Cheney relaxing with friends? Maybe people won’t hang out with him because of the shooting incident in Texas. Who’s the guy in the dark glasses next to him – a Secret Service agent? a relative? a buddy? The other people in the picture don’t have any connection with him at all.

  • Asta

    To me it is the look of regret. Regret for all the destruction, death, mutilation, misery and mayhem he won’t be able to bring upon our world. All the fun is gone from his life.

  • dada

    Enjoying Our Great American Pastime.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    I think we should waterboard cheney on pay per view until he admits that waterboarding is torture…we could put a dent into the debt and get some clarity on torture at the same time.

  • Serr8d

    The Nationals were swept by the Phillies in a three-game series ending Sunday. I would expect Vice President Cheney to be a Nationals fan.
    But, sheesh, guys, looking for some sort of happy moment, searching for any hint of despondency in a man’s features, hoping (most likely, knowing the hatred moonbats collectively and liberally expressed for 8 years for the Bush-Cheney presidency) that the guy will croak on camera so’s you can get in a laugh or two?
    Reminds me of what was termed “the Eiger Birds” (from the novel The Eiger Sanction, made into a somewhat decent film). The Eiger Birds were “jet setters, assorted zombies, come here to watch a climb. If they’re lucky, they get to see a man die on the mountain.”
    The climbers hated them.

  • Rhodo Zeb

    I don’t want to see him die. I just want him to be arrested and tried for the crimes he committed.
    The crimes we already know he committed, although a full trial is still necessary as some info is not out.
    Nothing wrong with that.

  • Saleema

    Cheney is alone even though he is surrounded by people. Sad, old man.
    Now, where’s his orange jumpsuit?

  • matt

    from the baseball cap held over the heart of the guy to cheney’s right, might this shot have been taken during the playing of the “star spangled banner”?

  • matt

    oops… i mean the guy to cheney’s left.
    perhaps the woman on his left is clapping at the end of the anthem?
    “play ball!”

  • Saleema

    Hey, I just noticed the name of this post is “The True Dick.”
    Yep, no one’s a bigger dick than Cheney in the government.

  • thomas

    It’s the portrait of a man imprisoned in a world of autocratic subjectivity.

  • Ali

    The people around him are looking straight ahead or slightly to their right. Cheney, looking to his left, sees something different.

  • yg

    you’re asking for empathy for a man who has none.

  • vanillarose

    in my observations of errant humanity, people who are nasty to others are in reality very miserable people. i would suppose that if they also enjoy torturing others, they would be even more miserable.
    fyi, cheney is in dc because his wife still works there, somewhere. besides, don’t think he’s done hating everybody. got some powerful hate there.

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