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May 15, 2009


Afghan airstrike payments.jpg

Just to get this out of the way, I find the title of this NYT slide show “Recovering From the Airstrikes” almost cruel, at least where the photos involving reparation payments come into play. Otherwise, I found this photo just devastating, and far more searing than the photos of children — with their prominent crayon packages — in their hospital beds.

The relevant part of the caption reads:

Bibi Ghul, left, who lost a husband and two children during the air strike, received compensation from Afghan officials.

I just have a few thoughts. First, I wish I knew how to appreciate this photo given the gender roles in the country as well as the Granai village, and the fact Bibi Ghul is the only woman in the photo. Second, that baby’s got a lot to absorb. Third, could you ever imagine her looking at that money?

(Actually, I’m assuming we’re footing it.)

from: Villagers in Afghanistan Describe Chaos of U.S. Strikes (NYT)

(image: Joao Silva for The New York Times)

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