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May 28, 2009

Playing The Palace

Obama Caesars.jpg
Obama Caesars.2.jpg

I think the public and the Administration understand (the way Bush never did) there’s a world of difference between performance (as in, results) and putting on a show.

That’s not to say, however, that Obama — at Caesars Palace, scoring donor cash for a Harry Reid bailout — isn’t a genius at the latter, especially when pulling out the stops.  (In the theatricality here, I’m reminded of “the Sinatra shot,“Alan Chin’s Vegas-like image of Obama’s surprise appearance on the third night of the DNC.)

If I were Michael Steele (or anyone else even partially tasked with getting the GOP back in the game), I’d be thoroughly terrified.

(image 1:Jason Reed/Reuters. caption: Democratic party donors applaud U.S. President Barack Obama as he participates in a fundraiser for U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) in the Coliseum at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 26, 2009. Reid is seeking re-election in the 2010 U.S. Senate election. image 2: Jim Watson – AFP/Getty Images)

  • BooksAlive

    Majority Leader Reid was really looking forward to this fundraiser. The opulence of Vegas is at the opposite end of his beginnings in Searchlight, so it must be a thrill to have a star like Obama suppporting him. The clips that I heard of Obama’s description of the difference in his hotel room now that he’s the president, not candidate, or campaigner, show Obama at his most jovial best.
    By comparison,Jack Carter never drew much support. He made his 2006 run for office after living in the state only three years. Despite determination and his daughter Sarah’s blogging campaign, even his father jumping in at the end couldn’t rescue it. Maybe that campaign can be revived and have better success in 2012.

  • Sergei Andropov

    I don’t know; I find that top image to be extremely creepy… sort of a combination of Clockwork Orange, the Borg, and the Groß Reichall from The Prisoners of Silence (the image of which seems to be down at the moment).

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