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May 31, 2009

Our Sunday News Show Roundup

Heads of Judiciary Committee forced to answer whether Sotomayor is

‘Meet the Press’ for May 31, 2009. Patrick Leahy, Jeff Sessions on Sotomayor nomination. Transcript. Video.

  • DennisQ

    Washington DC’s political culture prevents it from understanding what the rest of us think and feel. I’m reminded of the Bush administration boast that they don’t follow politics, they make politics. No wonder the nation’s capital was blindsided by Team Obama. Hillary never knew what hit her, as Obama rolled up one primary victory after another until his lead was insurmountable.
    It’s disappointing that David Gregory isn’t an improvement over Tim Russert, which was a pretty low hurdle to clear. Remember the way official Washington turned out to mourn Russert? He simply didn’t exist in the same pedestrian world the rest of us live in. I remember him asking Hillary Clinton to apologize for standing by her man through the Monica ordeal. It was more than a question, it was a demand.
    I don’t know why Patrick Leahy chooses to dignify Meet the Press by appearing on it. Maybe he’s no brighter than any of the rest of them, but I thought he was. The picture shows the three of them bewildered that such an event as the Sotomayor nomination could even occur. Why, she doesn’t even look like us!

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