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May 26, 2009

Obama Vs. (Anybody)


The Daily Mail offered this juxtaposition a few weeks back.

At the time, I would have called this either a desperate vision of 2012 or ‘16 — or simply “ludicrous.” Looking at it now, however, it seems to have anticipated last week’s Dick and Barack show, reflecting an instinct on the part of the media to identify and install a counter-force to Obama.

Is this “side-by-side business” the beginning of a trend? And if it is, don’t forced comparisons with weak antagonists — if fun-and-games for the media — make Obama that much stronger?

  • Serr8d

    …to identify and install a counter-force to Obama.

    What, you don’t think there should be a counter-force to Obama?
    Get yours here.

  • Stella

    Wasn’t it Hearst that said “you supply the pictures, I’ll supply the war.” Conflict sells, peace doesn’t.
    Will we ever stop buying?

  • DanM

    What, newspapers? Yes, and pretty soon, too.

  • Paul

    You wrote:
    “don’t forced comparisons with weak antagonists — if fun-and-games for the media — make Obama that much stronger?”
    Unfortunately, I believe it has the opposite effect, elevating otherwise weak adversaries to something like his level.

  • Paul

    And in response to Serr8d:
    I don’t think anyone is arguing whether adversaries to Obama is a good thing or a bad thing. Rather, this post highlights the tendency of the media to develop a narrative of symmetry even when it doesn’t exist. It’s easier to write, easier to comunicate, and it sells.

  • ratfood

    Odd choice of photo for Liz Cheney. Looks like she is doubled over in a mad race to find a restroom.

  • sab

    I’d love to know Liz Cheney’s grades and class rank to see how qualified she was to get into a top tier law school like University of Chicago, and her class rank from there.
    Obama and Sotomayor were accepted into their schools to enhance diversity (his prep school, his and her colleges and grad schools) and proved by their academic records that their schools were completely justified in accepting them. They pulled their own weight academically, they enriched the experiential environment for students whose families could afford the tuition, and by their own achievements they have enhanced the reputations of the high schools, colleges and law schools that nurtured and challenged them.
    Can Liz Cheney’s schools say the same? She seems to me to be a product of uber-nepotism. Aside from her father’s connections, what qualification did she have to be hired by USAID right of a small liberal arts college. Aside from her father and her USAID experience, what qualification did she have to be accepted to U. Chicago Law School over other applicants. Aside from her USAID experience and her prestigious law school degree, what possibly her State Department appointment. I can think of a dozen of my high school classmates from a small mid-western city who were more qualified by their hard-earned educations and job-experience for this appointment, but their dad wasn’t Dick Cheney.
    Don’t talk to me about Sotomayor and affirmative action. You may not agree with her positions, but she has certainly proved over her academic and professional life that she is qualified.

  • yg

    is she the one who was spawned to help dick get out of being drafted to vietnam? what a legacy.

  • Clem Guttata

    The photo of Liz Cheney reminds me of the “missing white woman” photo genre.
    The choice of photos–with both Obama and Cheney turned in different directions–emphasizes they are speaking to different (unseen) audiences. Does anyone who cares what Obama has to say care what Cheney has to say (or the other way around)?

  • Rhodo Zeb

    Good one sab.
    The real nepotism hook-up is that first, prestigious position after graduation.
    But for the real heavy hitters, sure they can get their kids into schools like U. of Chicago.
    I would like to see those documents too.

  • loret

    Paul was right – there’s a “tendency of the media to develop a narrative of symmetry even when it doesn’t exist. It’s easier to write, easier to comunicate, and it sells.” Contrasting sides photographically has a long tradition that hasn’t been used much in recent years. The interesting thing here is that one can only ask “Who IS Liz Cheney?” (sure, she’s the daughter of…she’s been a vocal republican) What are her credentials as a spokesperson? What impact does this woman’s opinion have? Putting her image next to Obama’s and at the same size elevates her to some position that simply strikes me as entirely artificial and even irrelevant.
    I know she has more authority/public presence than some other presidential or vice-presidential children, but consider Jenna Bush in the same position. Or Chelsea Clinton. Margaret Truman? The mind wanders….

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