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May 8, 2009

#MoreBAG @Twitter


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  • Victor F

    Oh, BAG, I’m disheartened at your embrace of the Twitter noise and frivolity machine.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    To dismiss Twitter in total is like dismissing the blogosphere or the internet in total. My advice is, don’t buy into the noise and frivolity surrounding the chatter about Twitter (just like I wouldn’t write off the political blogosphere because of the predominance of celebrity-tracking blogs). As someone who was also initially skeptical also, I’ve found Twitter an exceptionally important platform combining the power of SMS and blogging. Even among the die-hard Twitter skeptics in my own house, they are now signed up and finding several voices out there — people who wouldn’t necessarily attract your attention for the way they blog, speak publicly, etc. — nearly invaluable for the combination of insights, ID of trends, the key nugget, the wit and humor. I’ve found that — among a key group of people/orgs I’m following (in politics, technology, culture, photography), the signal-to-noise ratio is unbeatable. (Plus, as someone who nearly chose a poetry track in attending grad school in creative writing, I appreciate the ability AND opportunity just to craft a good phrase or two.)

  • Victor F

    my main problems with Twitter will always be with its lack of context, and I have to admit, I’m anti-hot-new-fad by nature. But really, information deserves context and if an author doesn’t want to bother with writing out their thoughts, I don’t want to bother reading it. That’s why I like blogs and loathe Twitter. My own blog might not be a paragon of perfect content, but something about the entire idea of Twitter rubs me the wrong way. Up-to-the-minute mostly-useless information without context. Maybe some small amount of Twitterers… um, Tweeters… um, Twitter Users, um, do the service justice, but it looks like a lot of wankery to me when my Facebook friends import their Twitter status and spam my home page.
    Anyway, I suppose I’m training to become a curmudgeonly contrarian. Have fun with your Twittering, and let me know when Apple comes out with their new iGrok telepathy chip.

  • Michael Shaw (The BAG)

    Fair enough.

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