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May 22, 2009

I Also Play The Terror War Architect On TV


This picture stood out to me among a collection of images in WAPO’s disappointingly-named photo gallery: “President Obama, Dick Cheney Deliver Dueling Speeches.”

The image, by WAPO’s fine Washington photographer, Melina Mara, is one of the more insightful photographed yesterday of the supposed-debate between Obama and the former shadow-President. Notice that Cheney primarily exists as a media construction. The suggestion here is that, given the co-dependency that exists now between Cheney and the media, he needs the attention and they need an Obama antagonist or “man in the black hat.”

(image: Melina Mara/Washington Post. May 21, 2009)

  • Some Guy

    Cheney’s role as post-VP attack dog is politically groundbreaking (as was attacking a country uninvolved in 9-11). It is hard to understand what point he has in this except that is advanced stages of viciousness and entitlement have produced the crankiest old white guy ever. I think we are lucky Bush was his puppet. Had he been president, he would have taken the last few steps to a full functioning death star, I mean autocracy.

  • thirdeye pushpin

    Cheney seems like the last refuge of our collective fear, devolving humanity as a bizarro wizard of oz behind the curtain of the media…and as it is being pulled away he is in his last throes of paranoia.
    What an extremely dangerous man, the mad hierophant. The bearings of the conservative movement have lost their grease and it is in Cheney’s gravely voice that you can see them digging into the casing.
    His reciprocal feedback loop with our own darkness is incredible. I am glad he is stepping into the light of scrutiny a bit more, so his hold on the reservoir of our fear can be loosened.

  • StartAnywhere
  • yg
  • yg

    Cheney’s role as post-VP attack dog is politically groundbreaking
    IOKIYR. i doubt media would allow a dem the same kind of license without outcry. not so early on the heels of the new administration.

  • Jess

    Interesting…I think the debate is in a sense pointless because Cheney has no place right now to be such a large role in the national security issue except the fact that his policies are the ones being revoked. Although I’m not that pleased with either suggestion…

  • NS

    i always associate this kind of shot, with the camera visible & both the actor & recorded image of him given a sort of equivalence, with Godard. it was also used nicely in the movie Network and basically mainstreamed, afaik, by the West Wing tv show.
    anyway, extremely powerful photo. what strikes me beyond the clever use of perspective to make that camera LOOM — enormous, dark and menacing, a stand-in for the entire fearmongering media apparatus — is the cut-off lettering behind Cheney.
    at a glance, it’s almost as if it says “TERRRIST” (sic), which is of course the preferred Bush-Cheney pronunciation of terrorist!
    or could be TERRRISM i guess. and isn’t ENTERPRISE-becoming-TERRRISM just Cheney himself in a nutshell?

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