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May 13, 2009

Dressing Miss California

Trump Miss CA.jpg

Sorry, I haven’t been following this Miss California story that closely — until I came upon this photo of Donald Trump and the winner of his pageant. Let’s see, the mega-real estate and casino mogul bought Miss USA, right?

So, besides Miss Prejean becoming the conservative poster child of the week, by virtue of the current right-wing leadership vacuum (and the lingering wingnut propensity for culture war), what’s all this business about her taking her clothes off, and isn’t the Donald here — wearing that overdone look of nonchalance — creating the perfect piece of slapstick with the mock dressing of his doll?

(image: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images. Trump Tower. May 12, 2009. New York City)

  • metoo

    Yawn. The Donald has bad teeth right? That’s why he holds his mouth that way…?

  • Diggitt

    And that’s John Edwards looking on, at right, right?

  • mrboma

    Miss CA didn’t win… she came in second. The winner has got to be pissed that so much attention has been paid to the runner-up.

  • olpossum

    This is not very flattering to Mr. Trump, neither weight-wise, nor facial makeup-wise. Very unflattering, that makeup line. Very, very unflattering. Also the gap between the back of his neck and his do are not correct. Doesn’t he have someone accompany him everywhere to assure that these things don’t happen? Can’t he afford that?

  • P. Robert

    HOW can you have such a duplicitious person like Trump representing you? I mean, here’s a person who has in the past fired people for misrepresenting the Ms. Universe and other pagents, and yet let a blond-haired, blue-eyed prostecticlly challenged bimbo KEEP her crown because HE liked the way she looked???? I guess if you’re Black or Hispanic, you would’ve been lost with the level of racisim this bozo represents, but if WHITE—then it’s ok if you posed nude, or if you find presenting your religious viewpoint as the law of the land is ok……I find that someone like Trump backing such a obviously hypocritical Ms. California as representing “honesty and the american way” speaks volumes about his business dealings, which I guess are just as duplicitious as the hypocrite earlier mentioned.
    Too bad. I really respected Trump, but now find him appallingly dishonest, pretencious, treacherous and completely without the honor it takes to be the head of the Ms. USA pagents. And, the rest of you should be ashamed of what level of dishonesty you now represent to the American public—it speaks VOLUMES of your level of greed and deception in Trump’s business dealings, and the level of contempt YOU maintain of the American public at large! Rosie O’Donnell was RIGHT!!!!

  • dada

    Isn’t there a Miss USA scandal every year?

  • Apple

    This really is Hell. First Joe the Plumber and now Miss California.

  • sbgypsy

    Oh Yes, she’s still the most beautiful of them all….. Where’s the poison apple?

  • Wordsmith

    Okay – okay….
    Miss California (how dated is that moniker) is first runner-up. Did SOMEONE actually WIN the Miss America pageant this year? My understanding is Miss I-was-tempted-by-Satan! California is NOT Miss America.

  • bianca andrade

    Dear Television Station,

    My name is Bianca Andrade, I am 14, & I am of Hispanic descent. I was recently watching television & I noticed that there are not many Hispanic actors & actresses on television. And that’s upsetting because I come from an extremely talented culture.

    When Hispanics do come out on television they are portrayed as drug dealers, gang members, maids, & women that sleep around, but we are not. I see television shows all the time that have Hispanic males portrayed as drug dealers, gang members, murderers, & raping young women. They are never portrayed as wealthy, hardworking, legal citizens or wealthy in education. And female Hispanics, especially the younger ones, are portrayed maids & as women that get “passed around” by men & end up pregnant with an unknown father because they have been with so many guys.

    “Yes,” a lot of the stuff on television is pretty funny, but shows like family guy take things too far. For example, on Family Guy they have a Hispanic maid, Consuelo, that can barely speak English, well I speak perfect English. They make her seem so stupid that she cant even remember a simple phone number. They even have her crossing the border and before she “does it” with her husband she cleans “herself” with Lemon Pledge. Shows like “Devious Maids” show the world that Hispanics are only good for being maids and sneaky murderers, because all of the maids in that show are Hispanic and work for an old White lady. I also recently watched the movie “Pitch Perfect” and I saw no Hispanic actors, they were all White, which tells every one that Hispanics are talentless and that’s not true at all.

    Stereotypes like this make us seem stupid, uneducated, & are degrading to Hispanics everywhere. Everyday I see new White & African American actors, actresses, & singers come out on television & they’re being portrayed as good role models.

    We do have some good Hispanic role models like Selena Gomez, George Lopez, Victoria Justice, Mario Lopez, Shakira, Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, & Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato has been through a lot & has had a not so fulfilling childhood & she came back strong & started doing songs again as if she were best in the business. Becky G is a new, young, Hispanic female singer & she is not a woman who sleeps around, she is not pregnant, & she is not a maid. Alex G is another female singer that’s not well known yet, she sings on YouTube, is young & Hispanic & she seems like a pretty good person and she is an amazing singer and she speaks perfect English.

    Why can’t we see more of these actors, actresses, singers, & others like them on television in good, positive roles. The whole show does not have to be completely in Spanish because my entire generation doesn’t speak perfect Spanish, I myself speak perfect English and can read, write, & speak some Spanish. For example The Fast & The Furious franchise cast was very diverse and the Hispanic actresses on that movie did not speak Spanish and they were still playing in good roles there was even Hispanic songs playing & Don Omar was in that movie. Just last night I saw a commercial on helping to protect Native Indian land but where are the commercials helping Hispanics.

    Networks like Telemundo & Gala Vision are completely devoted to Hispanics & are in Spanish, thanks for them, but they were good for my grandparents that came from Mexico, legally with permits & passports and speak perfect Spanish & English, but they are not good for my generation that doesn’t speak perfect Spanish.

    My parents do not even watch Spanish speaking networks & they can speak perfect Spanish & English. You are missing a huge gap & percentage of Hispanic viewers. There are nine other people that live in my house and we all watch the same shows but we don’t watch many shows because they are inappropriate & degrading & I would hate to poison the minds of my 4 younger brothers & sister & give them the idea that all we are & ever will be are a bunch of worthless low-lives. And everyone knows that the only reason Barack Obama won the presidency was because he aired on these Hispanic networks and actually tried to reach out to my culture to get their vote. My point is that the more we are portrayed as these monstrosities the worse we are going to be treated worldwide.

    That I’m aware of close to 900 thousand Hispanics turn 18 every year & register to vote, their parents might be illegal in this country, but they were born here.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. I hope you consider my opinion & an opinion shared by my peers.

    You can reply to me@

    [email protected],

    (219)230-7006, or

    6713 Arkansas Ave, Hammond In

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