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May 4, 2009

Condi … Beyond The 4th Grade

Rice-Stanford-Torture-2.jpg Rice-Stanford-Torture-3.jpg Rice-Stanford-Torture-4.jpg

Do you remember how Bush — known for stumbling and stuttering for eight years — was all-of-a-sudden so lucid (and furious) in his final press conference? Dropping your guard will do that.

So, what is the media doing amusing itself over a 4th-grader asking Condi Rice a waterboarding question when Stanford students had the practically historic confrontation with her at a dorm reception three days earlier? Watch the video taken at Stanford with an eye on Rice’s body language. Whereas the Secretary of State, too, was always bumbling over herself to find the right “diplomatic” words, here — with her guard down — she is suddenly perfectly articulate, if also impressively contemptuousness (in this environment of otherwise higher learning).

The student behind her most likely can’t see it, but I’d say his expression certainly registers the fist.

(screen shots from video by reynagarcia621/You Tube)

  • stevelaudig

    She drops the guard and the mask and when the mask drops showing the true person it is pretty scary. Darth Vader style.
    Plus she’s probably angry all the time at having her boyfriend [she called him husband once didn't she?] drop her in the shitter and go back to the suburbs with his very white wife. Condi realizes that she will not be having those long leisurely, triumphant and luxurious European speaking tours without having to dodge process servers or worse.
    No wonder the anger is so near the surface. Indeed in her answer she forgot about Pearl Harbor. She started out “mad” in the English sense of the term and ends up “mad” and angry. I always believed she was never that bright and now she’s proving it.
    Gawd it’s a wonderful spectacle to watch this play out.
    An Eichmann moment in a sense.
    Remember this sorta’ started with Jeffrey Lindh. There’s a photo of him “dry water-boarded” up on Sullivan I think after he was captured with the tape and the goggles right out of the movie Brazil. If they’d thought of hanging him up on a hook they would have.

  • Victor F

    She was right that Germany never attacked America’s territory, but it was undeniably a bigger threat than a bunch of poor Al Qaeda agents. I mean, a nation with a dedicated, state-funded war machine, creating instability and carnage wherever it went? How can there be a comparison?
    Ms. Rice doesn’t believe our interrogators committed torture, but I wonder what she’d say if she had to undergo some sleep deprivation, noise-blasting, forced-tube-feeding, naked humiliation, and waterboarding and see what she thinks about it being “torture” or not.
    It all goes to show how incompetent that administration was at everything except covering their own asses. They were scared sh!tless, lost their cool, and they had to compromise our nation’s moral position just so they could justify their fear. But now, there’s no shield, and she has to wriggle on the hook in front of the cameras while W hides himself in his suburban McMansion. Must suck to be Ms. Rice about now.

  • mephistowaltz’

    divabelli variations

  • Kathryn in MA

    The Fourth Reich is imploding and i’m thrilled to see it happen. Not many are aware how close the coup came to being successful.

  • CF2K

    It’s Condi’s Jerry Springer moment: “Don’t judge me! You don’t know me!”
    But although Condi nails the tawdriness, she lacks any of the honesty and willingness to be redeeme–the humanity, frankly–that is a staple of Springer. She absolutely could not have less dignity.

  • max

    she certainly looks like the caricature of an angry black woman.

  • Agi

    She no longer has the pressure or responsibility of having to defend the current administration. She feels free to be herself. So what we’re seeing now is the real Condi.

  • Gasho

    “I did not Authorize ANYTHING [and in signing that authorization I was just using muscle memory, plain and simple, to move the pen in a fashion similar to the way I've moved the pen in the past when making a mark on the paper that indicates what might be construed as a symbol that represents the various aggregates and elements that, when considered together and apart from all other elements, compose the being that is normally-- but not exclusively or definitively-- known as 'me'].”
    I can’t wait to see these people before an international panel of judges trying to pull this crap. I think the trial should be conducted in haiku, so that there can be no longwinded, twisted reasoning.
    George said it was fine.
    Waterboardings not so bad!
    nine-one-one O-one!!
    It was Dick’s idea.
    He said a war president
    could do anything!
    Cuba, Syria,
    Pakistan, etcetera..
    What Constitution?
    Torture is torture.
    Unambiguous laws;
    and clear violations!

  • Ariel

    max- and? why would such a caricature (or reference to it) add to the discussion?

  • thomas

    I have to say that at least with regards to her remarks about Saudi Arabia she’s exactly right. I’ve never though Rice was a dumb person, only that she has that classic conservative’s adoration of authority and the backbone of a banana. Only a student asking these questions in this way could get her worked up like this: 1. Because it touches on her vulnerability to any legal actions against her and 2. She is not being shown the proper attitude of the deference and respect she feels she is due.
    It was that vanity and loyal deference to power that made her so perfect for the Bush administration.

  • Karen H.

    I’m calling this one the Condi Rice Incrimination Tour 2009. If I were her attorney, I’d be beside myself. As a partisan observer, I’m amused.
    Why is the Bush Administration so marked by compulsion?

  • DennisQ

    What is Rice doing at Stanford anyhow? That part of her career is over. She’s certainly not committed to scholarly inquiry; in fact she’s looking to avoid being prosecuted. Her Gotcha responses to students’ questions show how ill-suited she is for a teaching job. Students should be encouraged, not humiliated.
    Reality meets fantasy here. If Rice thought she could return to her tenured position on the faculty of Stanford University and be quietly left alone, she’s finding out she can’t. Rice implies that a handful of interrogators may have gone over the line, they weren’t specifically authorized to do so, and it certainly wasn’t administration policy. Dick Cheney is less discreet. “Hell yeah,” he sneers. “We tortured those guys and we’d do it again.”

  • Frank

    Germany never attacked US territory? Depends what you mean by territory, I guess. There were numerous attacks on US shipping interests; most were outside the so-called “three mile limit,” but many were close enough that people on shore could see the wrecks burning. My parents often talked about blackout rules along the NC coast, and we used to fish over WR4, a ship that was sunk less than 25 miles off Carolina Beach in 1942.

    • RodneySerling

      You’re right. They also sent agents ashore to commit sabotage. And they officially declared war on us. So, saying that they never attacked our territory is disingenuous in the extreme….although I’m not surprised.

  • vcInCA

    i think its OK to bring up stereotypes that exist & see how well images play into them…it doesn’t mean you buy into them, but if you’re trying to understand how a picture will be interpreted by many, stereotypes, however racist, biased and just wrong they are (hey, what stereotype isn’t wrong when applied to every possible instance) are a relevant source to draw on. that said, it would’ve been nice if max had then discussed how she does/doesn’t fit that image and/or who might interpret her that way.

  • stevelaudig

    Germany never “attacked” U.S. territory I suppose unless “landing” spies on Long Island [if memory servers] who though captured, tried, convicted and [in some instances, praps all] executed, were not tortured. But back to the photo. The dim lighting gives the photos a crime scene street fight in action sorta feel. Anger at an insult and an affront postively and volcanically glows. Index fingers as guns or sticks.

  • weisseharreinanothercountext

    uneasy lie the clowns within the grooves of hackadamedea

  • Progresssive Mom

    I’m with Thomas on this one: she’s showing pure emotion — no intellect — because she’s out of the bubble now and left unprotected from real people with real questions.
    Amazing that someone with this much pent up negative energy had the role of Secretary of State, a position that requires a calm, poker face and professional yet open demeanor at all times.

  • Wayne Dickson

    Notice how she referred to those who destroyed the office buildings as “tyrants”? Which tyrants do you suppose she means? The attack was supported if not actually organized by Bin Laden. He’s leader of a group of religious fanatics who choose to follow him. That’s not tyranny. The actual or nominal leader of the Taliban, who allowed Bin Laden to live in their country? Tyrants, yes, but not responsible for the attack. Saddam? Absolutely no connection. Hated Al Quaeda. The Saudi royals and aristocracy, from whom most of the financing came? They qualify as tyrants, but you know she didn’t mean them.

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