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May 3, 2009

BagNewsSalon: Obama’s First 100 Days

This edition of the BAGnewsSalon examined nine Obama Administration images leading up to the 100-day mark. We hoped to consider various factors, including how the White House frames issues via pictures; what the images say about the character and capacities of Obama and his team; and whether the images evidence a new tone and attitude in the country now.

The BAGnewsSALON is an on-line, real-time examination of news and political images between invited guests andBNNreaders and visitors.


  • Panelists
  • Michael Shaw Host, Publisher, BagNewsNotes.
  • Cara Finnegan Moderator, Professor of Communication – U. of Illinois. Co-editor: Visual Rhetoric: a reader in communication and American culture
  • Nathan Stormer Professor of Communications and Journalism/U. of Maine; Salon producer.
  • Loret Steinberg Professor of Photojournalism and Documentary Photography/R.I.T.
  • Michael Steinberg historian
  • Brian Ulrich photographer
  • Daryl Lang PDN
  • David Schonauer American Photo

Produced for BagNews by Neil Harris

Images and Selected Quotes:

  • bfeinberg

    Accompanying this week’s New Yorker (5/7/09), in its article on Rwanda, is an extraordinary picture that attempts to capture “village gacaca courts,” a combination (one infers from the article) that encompasses a “peace and reconciliation” process, a judicial one, and perhaps other indigineous intentions. The article anounces the “rue fact” that Rwanda has become a “safe place,” one with all the appertenances of Civilization; yet it is a fraught-with-memory phenomenon, as depicted in the opening photograph. This begs to be “bagged”!. It is deeply serious.

  • Antone Braga

    Another perspective: Walking with AIG or just too much on his plate?
    On the leadership issue–
    A letter pertaining to disaster (hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, etc.) has been sent to President Obama on behalf of all insurance policyholders. As a matter of transparency on the record of insurance consumer protection, any response by President Obama will be posted on the following Website for review:
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