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May 4, 2009

Angry To The Touch

Gay Rights Albany.jpg

I’ve been thinking about this photo for a couple of days now.

It shows a gay rights activist at a NY State capitol rally last Tuesday, right, “faced off” (as the caption puts it) with a man opposed to gay marriage. At least one reading here speaks to those who are virulently anti-gay, in the closet, and interested but terrified.

(11:50 pm PST. Revised for coherence.)

(Mike Groll/Associated Press. April 31, 2009. New York)

  • Julie L

    The very definition of “in your face”.
    At first glance, it seems to be an amorous encounter in the making (largely because you never see any 2 people that close together in any other circumstance – at least, that I can think of)… then you see the upfront anger.

  • matt

    eskimo kiss.

  • Reece

    Odd how strong emotions so deftly break down the physical space barrier. Anger and love both make you want to get closer to someone…

  • echo

    When Harry met Sammy ?
    Oscar rebukes Felix for serving Bridge snacks at the Poker game ?

  • PhoenixRising

    What I’d pay to see the 5 shots that led up to this image, or a wider angle.
    Which of these combatants chose the intimacy they’re posed in here, does either one have anyplace to back up, are just a couple of the questions raised and left hanging by this portrait of the fixed gaze.
    You know what Temple Grandin, the autism and animal behavior expert, says about fixed gazes between species members: this pose is a precursor to deadly violence, except when it’s a precursor to mating.

  • Rhodo Zeb

    Wow, as I scanned the caption I missed the direction info about who was who.
    I felt, as a hopefully-unbiased straight man, that this was something odd and uncomfortable, but I couldn’t necessarily tell who was who, in terms of politics.
    When I went back to check, it all made sense. The opponent so willing to communicate with the ‘enemy’…
    I have come to believe the closeted stereotype. Is this reasonable?

  • Wayne Dickson

    Reminds me of a cartoon I once saw, where Bluto and Popeye are holding hands and making conversation as a cocktail party. The caption says, “We finally figured out where all that anger was coming from.”

  • yg
  • chia

    they just wanted to touch each other :)

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