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April 26, 2009

Your Turn: Seeing Stars?

Cheney Page Large.jpg

The NYT features Cheney again this week with this image and WIR piece: Dick Cheney: The Visible Man.

Given the profound vacuum otherwise known as the GOP, is Cheney emerging as the voice of right– or is he simply (or, not so simply) waging an all-out public defense of his terror Administration? …And then, what does the NYT’s accompanying visual have to say about it?

(image: Joel Page/Associated Press)

  • dancinfool

    The first thought that came to me is that he’s “up to his eyebrows” in it, “it” being deep doo doo.

  • echo

    Kilroy was here.
    Giant all seeing, all knowing Dick is watching YOU ! Resistance is futile etc.

  • Julia Grey

    I think Cheney is dying and knows it. He’s trying desperately to rescue his legacy. But he’s drowning.

  • DanM

    That this Cheney image has been chosen to depict “the visible man” is telling — this is the most we’re ever going to see of this creep; the looming, lurker that makes things go bump behind the shadows in the dark corners.
    He’s a sneak and it shows.

  • Jean

    Reminds me of the wizard of Oz. A fake.

  • Russ Nichols

    I certainly hope Cheney continues to be the face of the Republican party for a long time. He’s a recruitment ad for the Democrats. Just hope he doesn’t forget to get his batteries changed.

  • gmoke

    The difference between the two sides of his face is obvious. One eye is wide open and the other is squinting a bit. If you watch the way he moves, you can see that his symmetry is way off.

  • Alex

    He’s watching everything. Still trying to pull the strings, to dictate and spin. And he sees his grip is loosening, no longer the master puppeteer. His ridiculously outdated view of government is right out of “Get Smart.” What we need is a cone of silence plopped right on his head.

  • Enoch Root

    “I can lift this woman’s photo off the ground, but I’ll need help elevating Cheney.”

  • Vulture Breath

    Ah, the beautiful irony of Cheney having to request these two documents by FOIA, when it was Cheney who ordered Bush administration agencies to stonewall FOIA requests.
    I think what’s happening in this picture is the Cheney photo is going to be waterboarded with the liquid in that paper cup on the stage.
    I hardly think he’s emerging as the voice of the right. Given his druthers, he would go into total seclusion. He would go “underground.” He requested the memos in order to write his memoirs. I think it’s partly a coincidence that all this stuff is happening in the same 3 week period.

  • Joy

    No one else has mentioned this, so I will. To me he has a look of someone who is looking down the sights of a gun. Getting ready to fire. The cylinders on the sides of his nose and the line down the floor help to create this illusion for me.
    Who’s he shooting at? Knowing him it could be friend or foe!

  • acm

    hard not to think of the eyes of Big Brother, or maybe the All-Seeing Eye — either way, it’s creepy, intrusive, menacing! “I’m still watching you, America!” move along, Dick…

  • yg

    must kill him to know that even if if he had changed his mind and decided to run for president that he couldn’t win. i can imagine the resentment eating away at him like cancer.
    the image suggests to me that cheney is sinking in the very quicksand he created.

  • Recluse

    Well, I’m no optimist… but my first thought was Finally someone said shut up! Shut up you piece of slime we’ve been screaming for years. And then looking again and again! noticed a munchkin person in this very strange perspective, and cheney’s I’ve got the biggest dick poster is kinda frayed. Does he haul that thing around with him? Must have been campaigning for one of those republicons masquerading as a woman in the poster and I’d say it’s coming down, being removed. One poster, poser down, another, and there’s the exit. This party’s over. I thank the photographer for that exit.

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